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Release Notes: First official Apache Incubator release. Faster CsvDataContext implementation for single-line values. The convention for file based DataContexts has been changed to use the folder name as the schema name. Improvements in the fluent Query builder API. Renames the package hierarchy from org.eobjects.metamodel to org.apache.metamodel.

Release Notes: Many query parser improvements, including parsing column names with dots, mixed case clause declarations, select DISTINCT queries, select item aliases, and selecting everything from multiple from items. It also fixes two bugs: an issue with interpreting CHAR types as strings, and inclusion of function names (if available) in TableModel header names.

Release Notes: This release drastically improves the performance of "DELETE FROM" statements on CSV files. It adds mapping of unavailable-to-available data types when issuing "CREATE TABLE" statements containing unavailable data types on e.g. DB2 or PostgreSQL. It fixes a bug pertaining to multi-threaded execution of compiled JDBC queries. A pool of prepared statements has been created to ensure parallel execution of compiled queries. A bug has been fixed pertaining to proper quoting of HAVING clause operands when the data type of the aggregate function is different from the data type of the functions argument.

  •  01 Mar 2012 23:46

Release Notes: The MongoDB module now supports having Maps and Lists as column types. Query filters now support logical AND operators in addition to the existing OR operators. The DataContext.getColumnByQualifiedLabel(...) method is now fault-tolerant towards case differences. DataSets are now automatically closed when garbage collected. A stack overflow bug in the DataContextFactory.createExcelDataContext(...) method has been fixed.

Release Notes: The Excel adapter now uses the new Streaming API in Apache POI, which means that support for very large Excel spreadsheets is much better. A bug was fixed that caused CSV writing to not respect the separator and quote character defined for the file format. Performance was improved in query postprocessing by applying sub-selections just-in-time instead of ahead of time. An experimental adapter has been added for MongoDB databases. The adapter supports querying MongoDB using the well known MetaModel query API.

  •  24 Sep 2011 10:42

Release Notes: A byte-order-mark is automatically added when writing UTF-8 CSV files. A method was added for triggering loading of lazy references in a separate thread. Minor corrections were made to tests to fix building on IBM Java / AIX platforms.

Release Notes: The handling of Excel spreadsheets was rewritten. Now spreadsheets are loaded using a streaming/event based approach, which drastically reduces memory consumption. A minor bug related to spreadsheet cells with errornous self-referencing formulas was fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to calculate an appropriate FETCH_SIZE for JDBC/database queries, which facilitates better memory management when used with eagerly buffering databases. It fixes a minor bug that occurred when CSV headers are configured to be read from an unexisting line number. Various minor improvements in the API Documentation.

  •  10 May 2011 15:09

Release Notes: Configuration of header lines was added in CSV, Excel, and Fixed Width value files. Configuration of Excel automatic line and column skipping was added. An option was added to disable graceful corrections (by throwing exceptions) to inconsistent data formats. The DataContext class hierarchy was simplified by removing unnecessary strategy pattern. DataSet now extends Iterable<Row>, making it easier to apply things like for-each loops.

Release Notes: A new datastore type has been added: Fixed width value files. This enables MetaModel to read flat files with such a formatting. Full support for paging queries was added. The query interface now has a setFirstRow(int) method, which in combination with the existing setMaxRows(int) method allows for paging. Specific dialect support was added to ensure that queries for DB2 are formatted correctly.


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