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Release Notes: This release adds many bugfixes, especially for the Windows builds. The major new feature is the first edition of h.265/HEVC support.

Release Notes: 64bit binaries for Windows are now available. Support for DTS in MP4 was added. Bugs were fixed all over the place, among them the handling of MPLS files.

  •  16 Sep 2013 16:48

Release Notes: Opus support has been finalized both in muxing and extraction. Two bugs prohibiting/slowing down mmg's startup on Windows have been fixed. A couple of other small bugfixes were made here and there.

Release Notes: This release supports Blu-ray playlists (MPLS files) in both mkvmerge and mmg. Several small bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: New features include a reader for the FlashVideo file format, splitting by frame/field numbers, splitting by chapter numbers, splitting into parts by frame/field numbers, reading VobSubs from MP4 files, and the ability to save additional commandline options as default options in mmg. Header removal compression has been turned off. Bugfixes have been done all over the place.

Release Notes: This release fixes mmg's bug of not displaying the last lines of mkvmerge's output. Other bugfixes include VC1 handling, A/V synchronisation with MPEG 1/2 video tracks, SRT format handling, and compilation with gcc 4.7.x and clang 3.1. New features include support for the ALAC audio codec in mkvmerge, adding/deleting/replacing attachments in mkvpropedit, and editing several additional flags and fields in mmg's chapter editor. A Basque translation of both the programs and mmg's guid has been added.

Release Notes: A new mode for "--split" enables discarding/keeping parts of the source files. mmg can automatically clear jobs from the job queue after they've been run. All of the XML code has been re-written. Several bugfixes have been made across the board.

Release Notes: The AVC/h.264 timecode handling code has been completely rewritten. Users do not have to specify the --default-duration/FPS for such tracks anymore. The (E)AC3 code has been completely rewritten, fixing several issues. The file type detection code has been improved for several file formats. MicroDVD subtitles are now recognized as an unsupported file format. The "--default-duration" option and mmg's "FPS" field can handle values like "25p" or "50i".

Release Notes: Support for one of the most often requested features, reading MPEG transport streams, was added. Several smaller bugs have been fixed. A lot of translations have been updated, especially the French one, which is now complete. A new translation to Lithuanian has been added. WebM compliance has been improved. External versions of libEBML and libMatroska can be used again. The stereo mode options have been updated to match the specs. mmg respects the XDG Base Directory Specification.

Release Notes: VP8 video tracks can be read from Ogg files. Invalid UTF-8 strings no longer cause mkvmerge to abort. Several cases of invalid memory access were fixed. mkvinfo has a new "--track-info" feature. The "Default duration" header field is set for DTS tracks. mkvextract uses proper exit codes in case of errors. The documentation was updated.


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