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Release Notes: This release supports Blu-ray playlists (MPLS files) in both mkvmerge and mmg. Several small bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: New features include a reader for the FlashVideo file format, splitting by frame/field numbers, splitting by chapter numbers, splitting into parts by frame/field numbers, reading VobSubs from MP4 files, and the ability to save additional commandline options as default options in mmg. Header removal compression has been turned off. Bugfixes have been done all over the place.

Release Notes: Support for one of the most often requested features, reading MPEG transport streams, was added. Several smaller bugs have been fixed. A lot of translations have been updated, especially the French one, which is now complete. A new translation to Lithuanian has been added. WebM compliance has been improved. External versions of libEBML and libMatroska can be used again. The stereo mode options have been updated to match the specs. mmg respects the XDG Base Directory Specification.

  •  11 Jul 2011 02:58

Release Notes: Rare bugs in DTS and VC1 handling have been fixed. mmg's "compression" drop down box shows what mkvmerge actually supports. ISO 639-2 terminology language codes are converted to the corresponding bibliography codes upon file identification. Compatibility with wxWidgets 2.9.x and with the Sun Studio C Compiler has been improved. An Italian translation was added.

Release Notes: Invalid memory handling in the MPEG ES reader was fixed. A French translation was added. Appending Matroska files with chapters will now cause the chapters to be merged into a single edition. A checkbox was added to mmg to disable extra compression for audio and video tracks by default. Several issues with the installation system were fixed. Incorrect usage of STL container classes was fixed.

Release Notes: Various crashes in mkvmerge have been fixed. Splitting by size was basing the split decision on uninitialized variables causing multiple very small files to be created. DisplayWidth/DisplayHeight values that were only used to store the display aspect ratio are fixed to sensible values while providing the same aspect ratio information. mmg will remove entries from "recently used files" lists if they don't exist anymore.

Release Notes: Support for showing the progress in Windows 7's taskbar was added. Translations work on Windows without the program having been installed via the setup.exe. The charset in cmd.exe has been fixed on Windows Vista and Windows 7 for non-English languages. mmg's header editor and mkvpropedit work correctly with files created by HandBrake.

  •  13 Aug 2009 20:27

Release Notes: Huge speed-ups were implemented in mmg's header editor and in mkvinfo. Bugfixes include frame type detection for AVC/h264 video, reading AVC/h264 tracks from OGM files, proper handling of chapter language tags in mmg, crashes in mmg's chapter editor, audio sync issues with broken streams in AVI files, appending MPEG4 part 2 video tracks with aspect ratio information, wrong handling of default track flags, running mkvmerge from mmg from paths with spaces in its name, a couple of invalid memory accesses, and non-working interface language selection on Mac OS X.

Release Notes: The way mmg sets the output file name automatically has been fixed. Tracks with FourCCs ".mp3" and "XVID" can be read from QuickTime/MP4 files. The detection of MPEG transport streams with packet sizes other than 188 bytes has been fixed. The TrueHD code does not produce endless loops during resynchronization anymore, and the MPEG program stream reader handles TrueHD correctly. Sequence headers for MPEG-1/2 video tracks are put into the CodecPrivate element again. Several command line options have been renamed.

  •  07 Mar 2009 19:16

Release Notes: Another bug regarding locale selection has been fixed. Concatenation of AVC elementary files does not cause segmentation faults anymore. The track selection for the "--attachments" option has been fixed.


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