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Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs: appending empty subtitle tracks; file names containing '%' read from .mmg files; reading linked seek heads in mkvmerge (fixes mkvmerge not finding attachments after usage of mkvpropedit); discarding EBML void elements when writing and reading XML chapter files; mkvmerge will keep timecodes of PCM tracks read from containers that provide timecodes; and reading seek position elements bigger than 2 GB. Enhancements include writing the newly introduced elements "cue duration" and "cue relative position", which provide more detailed information for seeking.

Release Notes: This release fixes a couple of important issues with the new "--split parts:" functionality. Other bugs were fixed as well. A Polish translation of the programs has been added, as well as a Spanish translation of mmg’s guide.

Release Notes: Several fields have been added to mkvmerge's verbose identification output. File type identification and a segfault have been fixed for DTS files. File type detection for (E)AC3 files has been improved. mkvextract's "timecodes_v2" mode uses the same track IDs as mkvmerge's identification mode outputs again. An invalid memory access with certain broken Matroska files has been fixed. mkvmerge can read input files as if they were part of a single huge file. mkvmerge can extract and use the audio encoder delay information stored in MP4 files as written by iTunes.

Release Notes: Many bugs were fixed and great improvements were made to the MPEG transport stream handling. Building now requires GCC 4.6.0 or newer and Boost 1.46 or newer, as many features from the C++11 standard are used actively.

Release Notes: mkvpropedit can add, replace and remove tags in existing files. A Turkish translation has been added. Several bugs in the build system were fixed. mmg will no longer report that it's running with an unsupported version of mkvmerge and the version string shown is empty. HD-DVD subtitles are recognized as unsupported files instead of unknown files. Building requires Boost 1.36 or newer (up from 1.34).

Release Notes: Invalid memory handling in the MPEG ES reader was fixed. A French translation was added. Appending Matroska files with chapters will now cause the chapters to be merged into a single edition. A checkbox was added to mmg to disable extra compression for audio and video tracks by default. Several issues with the installation system were fixed. Incorrect usage of STL container classes was fixed.

Release Notes: SSA/ASS subtitle tracks were discarded even if selected for inclusion. The header editor and mkvpropedit sometimes crashed and created broken files. The job manager's "total remaining time" was totally wrong. A couple of malformatted translation entries were causing mmg to crash. Certain h.264 frame types were handled wrong. All of these problems have been fixed. mkvinfo displays the level and profile information for h.264 tracks. Attachments are written at the start of the file again. mkvextract will not continue after encountering an error anymore.

Release Notes: Various crashes in mkvmerge have been fixed. Splitting by size was basing the split decision on uninitialized variables causing multiple very small files to be created. DisplayWidth/DisplayHeight values that were only used to store the display aspect ratio are fixed to sensible values while providing the same aspect ratio information. mmg will remove entries from "recently used files" lists if they don't exist anymore.

Release Notes: Translations into Russian and Ukrainian were added. The handling of non-spec compliant h.264 streams created by ffmpeg was fixed. A segfault in mkvmerge when reading certain Matroska files was fixed. mkvextract can handle ASS/SSA tracks that miss the "Text" format column. mkvpropedit and mmg's header editor can handle files created by Haali's muxer.

Release Notes: The way mmg sets the output file name automatically has been fixed. Tracks with FourCCs ".mp3" and "XVID" can be read from QuickTime/MP4 files. The detection of MPEG transport streams with packet sizes other than 188 bytes has been fixed. The TrueHD code does not produce endless loops during resynchronization anymore, and the MPEG program stream reader handles TrueHD correctly. Sequence headers for MPEG-1/2 video tracks are put into the CodecPrivate element again. Several command line options have been renamed.


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