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  •  24 Nov 2012 00:25

Release Notes: This release shortens really long filenames if needed, supports multi-disc ripping with musicbrainz NGS, adds %y for the release year in templates, adds a "rip cd rip --release-id" option to select the exact release, allows track and disc templates to create files in different directories, works out relative paths from cue/m3u files to audio files, and updates the mp3vbr profile.

  •  05 Jun 2011 17:58

Release Notes: UTF-8/Unicode handling fixes. Improved error handling. Ignore tags for ALAC and WAV. Workarounds for GStreamer flacparse bugs. A change in how paths are referenced in .cue files. Properly interprets AccurateRip results; no more assertions on unexpected ordering of results. A debug command has been added.

  •  16 Apr 2010 22:40

Release Notes: This release adds a 'rip image encode' command to encode an image to a lossy codec. It provides lossy codec profiles for vorbis, MP3, and mp3vbr. It adds a complete list of known drive offsets from AccurateRip. It adds a generated man page, better exception handling in tasks, the ability to tag audio files with Musicbrainz IDs, and a 'rip image retag' command to retag audio files in an image. There are some bugfixes.


Project Spotlight


A multi-core programming framework.


Project Spotlight


A GNU/Linux multimedia distribution that is targeted at audio, video, and graphics producers.