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Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine based on groonga, the full text search engine. It uses the Pluggable Storage Engine interface in MySQL 5.1 and later.

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  •  31 Mar 2014 22:33

    Release Notes: This release supports MariaDB 10.0.9 9. It supports the SCL MySQL package on CentOS 6, so you can use Mroonga with MySQL 5.5 (previous versions required MySQL 5.1).

    •  10 Feb 2014 22:50

      Release Notes: There are many improvements and new remarkable features.

      •  29 Jan 2014 23:30

        Release Notes: Mroonga has support for customizing lock timeout dynamically. You can set the value of Groonga's lock timeout using SET GLOBAL mroonga_lock_timeout = (TIMEOUT). Compatibility with Tritonn’s W pragma is improved. Some incompatible behaviors have been fixed. Note that you need to fix all SQL using W pragma.

        •  29 Dec 2013 19:40

          Release Notes: This release supports ORDER BY optimization for INT,DATETIME and TIME column. There was a case where searching database by combination with fulltext search (MATCH AGAINST …) and other types of columns caused a performance penalty if many records were matched by fulltext search. This issue is fixed by supporting ORDER BY optimization for the above types of columns. It also supports ‘BETWEEN’. Note that Groonga 3.1.1 is required.

          •  30 Nov 2013 03:09

            Release Notes: In this release, Mroonga supports MariaDB 10.0.6. You can try Mroonga with the MariaDB bundled version on Windows.


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