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  •  11 Jul 2013 22:03

Release Notes: Wixl, the little WiX compiler, learned a few things, like preprocessor conditions, 64-bit and per-user builds, and some support for CustomAction or MajorUpgrade.

  •  08 Mar 2013 01:33

Release Notes: This release adds two programs, msidump and msidiff, to analyze and compare MSI files. Some of the tools have received translations, and other smaller enhancements and bugfixes have been added.

  •  26 Jan 2013 01:15

Release Notes: wixl now uses a stable component UUID, and has learned to install services and simple custom actions. A new tool, msiextract, has been added to extract files archived inside an MSI. The build was fixed on RHEL6.


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Excel Writer

A package to write Excel files with basic formatting easily.


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A simple manager for RPM repositories.