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  •  30 Apr 2013 02:09

Release Notes: This release adds several improvements and new features, and all the fixes developed since version 1.3.3. The most important changes include an integrated connector to import JIRA issues, a Timesheets loader from TimEnterprise, an importer of Microsoft Project and Planner, user-configurable filtering options, extended information on the resources' load availability and overtime, and Chinese language support.

  •  22 Dec 2012 04:12

Release Notes: This is a minor version of LibrePlan including all the fixes done since the previous version and some new features which have been developed lately. A Mobile Application has been developed. Several changes have also been made on LibrePlan, including performance improvements, avoidance of some problems due to the caching of JavaScript files, and an informative message added to the installation package to suggest Java configuration tunning in order to avoid memory problems. Visibility of the projects on the company view has been modified, to show all projects but CANCELLED and STORED by default.

  •  30 Nov 2012 22:42

Release Notes: This minor version includes all the fixes done since the previous version and some new features which have been developed lately. It also includes some of the tasks done during the first LibrePlan Hackfest arranged in A Coruña on the 8th of November. Highlights are: improvements in the "Project Status" report, planning adjustment according to timesheets, a new DELETE operation in the order elements Web service, new bound resources Web service operations, and minor bugfixes.

  •  16 Oct 2012 12:20

Release Notes: It is now possible to administer the roles and profiles for users imported from LDAP. A Catalan translation was included. Work reports and work report lines can now be removed through the Web service. An option to configure personal timesheet periodicity was added. The possible values are weekly, twice-monthly, and monthly. Font styles in generated PDFs were fixed. A new report called "Project Status" was created, using a new layout. Date formats throughout the whole application were fixed (reports included). They now follow the user's locale conventions.

  •  26 Jul 2012 23:25

Release Notes: After some delay, the LibrePlan team is proud to announce the release of a new major version, 1.3. The main features which come with this version are resource binding to users, monthly timesheets, a project dashboard, expenses, permission enhancements, currency support, work breakdown structure (WBS) setting up behavior, outsourcing improvements, concurrent usage improvements, a revamped menu, more languages supported, and timesheet search window enhancements.

  •  24 May 2012 00:02

Release Notes: This minor release includes all the fixes done since version 1.2.3 and adds Czech language support. This is the first version which provides files for using a MySQL database, thanks to the upgrade to Liquibase 2.0.5.

  •  21 Apr 2012 07:40

Release Notes: This release added a money-based cost monitoring system, Polish translation, and other minor enhancements. Database synchronization issues which appeared when changing planning points in the WBS were fixed. Default users -user, wsreader, and wswriter- are now disabled by default. A problem where task duration was not being refreshed properly when doing an allocation and you needed to apply the allocation twice was fixed. A START_IN_FIXED_DATE constraint that caused the project duration to be incorrectly calculated in company view was fixed.

  •  15 Mar 2012 23:36

Release Notes: This is a minor release including all the maintenance work and small enhancements done since 1.2.1. The major developments that come with this version are the next ones: RPM packages, two new languages (French and Dutch), tow new planning features, some small user experience enhancements, and the LDAP authentication system has been improved. Apart from this, it comes with fixes for many issues detected by users.

  •  19 Jan 2012 21:44

Release Notes: This is a minor release including all the fixes done since LibrePlan 1.2.0 was published. Apart from all the bugs fixed, it is now fully translated into Italian. When a new release of LibrePlan is published, administrators will be notified with a small warning inside LibrePlan. Timeplot graph values are displayed when hovering the chart.

  •  01 Dec 2011 21:54

Release Notes: The project has been renamed to LibrePlan, which will be the official name for the project from now on. With the new name, it is a generic purpose planning tool, suitable for many sectors. This version comes with important new features apart from all the bugfixes done since the 1.1 major release. The most relevant: migration to ZK 5 Community Edition; resource allocation engine enhancements; sharing state between perspectives; an LDAP authentication and authorization module; and a "My account" area.


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