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Release Notes: This release adds support for Bridge interfaces, IPv6 fixes, better rfkill handling, significant WiFi fixes (don't autoconnect to unsuccessful networks, don't keep asking for a password), autoconnect support for VPN connections, support for AP-mode mobile hotspot (if the driver supports it), support for ModemManager 0.7/0.8, DHCPv6 DDNS, WiFi Proactive Key Caching, bonding fixes, many fixes for libnm-glib, a reworked and improved GTK connection editor, new manpages, updated translations, and many more fixes in the core daemon and the applet.

  •  04 Nov 2012 01:42

Release Notes: Various minor bugs have been fixed.

Release Notes: Support was added for ADSL modems using PPPoE or PPPoATM, for IPv6-enabled VPN connections, and for on-demand WiFi scan. IPv6 stability and compatibility were enhanced. A large number of bugfixes were made, along with a few other enhancements.

Release Notes: The ability for nmcli to delete connections was added. Routing and DNS are now no longer updated until a device is managed. Support was added for libnl2 and libnl3, along with various leak fixes. IPv6 link-local DNS servers now work correctly in the dnsmasq DNS plugin. Setup of connection sharing with newer iptables versions was fixed. WiMAX activation now emits correct signals, fixing initial signal strength. Fixes for building with recent GLib versions were made. Various other minor bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: Support was added for Bluetooth dial-up networking (DUN). IPv6 support was enhanced, including DHCPv6 capability. A command-line interface was added. Mobile broadband signal strength, status, and roaming display were added. Local caching nameserver support using dnsmasq was added. Better handling of suspend/resume was implemented. The ability to suppress periodic scans by locking connection to a BSSID was added. A persistent hostname is now sent to DHCP servers by default. Many other enhancements were made. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Better support for mobile broadband connections, Bluetooth, IPv6, and 802.1x authenticated connections was implemented. Bluetooth PAN support was added. Support for static and autoconfigured IPv6 was added. HAL was replaced by udev. Long-standing bugs with multi-certificate 802.1x files were fixed. The service "nm-system-settings" was obsoleted, allowing faster connection set-up. ModemManager implements many often requested features like roaming, 2G/3G mode preference, signal strength display, access technology, etc. Many bugs were fixed. Documentation was improved.

Release Notes: This release includes the addition of new device IDs for various network devices, bugfixes, documentation updates, translation updates, and many other improvements.


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