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  •  30 Oct 2013 23:25

Release Notes: A new help system documenting all supported IRC commands has been included, support for "server target masks" for a lot of commands has been enhanced, a new configuration variable "IncludeDir" that allows to split the server configuration across multiple files has been implemented, and support for SSL certificate fingerprints has been added.

  •  19 Dec 2012 23:02

Release Notes: Many new features: XOP user modes (channel halfop, channel admin, and the like) have been implemented. Hostname cloaking has been enhanced. New channel modes have been implemented. Client character set conversion has been added to the IRC+ protocol.

  •  04 Mar 2012 20:10

Release Notes: New user modes (R, C) and channel modes (r, R) have been implemented, the flood and abuse protection has been improved (for example, better limits for list replies), and support for Anope IRC services has been enhanced. In addition, exception lists (mode e) have been implemented and several IRC commands are more standards-compliant now. The IRC commands GLINE and KLINE have been implemented.

  •  11 Jul 2011 02:54

Release Notes: New configuration options to enhance the privacy of users, to cloak some information regarding users and hosts, and to scrub CTCP messages have been implemented. A new channel mode "O" (IRC Ops only) has been introduced. The ngircd.conf configuration file has been restructured. Many minor enhancements and fixes have been applied.

  •  07 Nov 2010 23:22

Release Notes: User modes "c" (show connect/disconnect NOTICEs, required for e.g. BOPM) and "x" (hostname cloaking) have been implemented. Support for user authentication using PAM has been added. New configuration options "NoPAM", "NoZeroConf", and "SyslogFacility" were supplemented. The debug mode has been enhanced; the daemon can dump its internal state now. The power of IRC operators has been raised: now they can use MODE on any channel and always change channel modes.

  •  03 May 2010 00:43

Release Notes: The "WEBIRC" command, used by some Web IRC systems, and a new channel mode "secure connections only" have been implemented. The connection statistics displayed on login have been enhanced, and the limit of maximum configured IRC operators has been removed. Fixes for the build system, the documentation, and the daemon itself have been committed as well.

  •  13 Nov 2009 11:06

Release Notes: IRC operators are (optionally) allowed to connect and disconnect remote servers now. The SQUIT command has been enhanced to be usable for IRC operators too. A simple command throttling scheme has been implemented. SSL-only configurations are possible now, and quite a few bugs have been fixed.

  •  20 Apr 2009 14:40

Release Notes: Support for individual channel keys for pre-defined channels has been added. The limit of pre-defined channels has been removed. The creation of modeless pre-defined channels is possible now. The INFO command now reports the compile time. Other minor bugs have been fixed.

  •  26 Dec 2008 18:36

Release Notes: SSL encrypted client-server and server-server links using OpenSSL or GNUTLS have been implemented, support for IRC services has been added, and server-local channels are supported now. As usual, many minor enhancements and bugfixes are included.

  •  13 May 2008 10:53

Release Notes: IPv6 support has been added. The IRC commands INFO, SUMMON, and USERS have been implemented. General IRC protocol support has been enhanced.


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