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Release Notes: Converted to the new UI style. Adds support for graphing of several new services and device types. Fixes many bugs with data collection and reporting.

Release Notes: There is a new replacement front-page dashboard with a pretty geographical map to visualize device status. There are fixes to netscaler support, further migration of the GUI to bootstrap, the addition of polling support for JUNIPER-DOM-MIB DOM sensors, and improved Force10 support.

Release Notes: Improved Netscaler support. Many UI and visual improvements. Some additional OS detection. The ability to change sensor alert levels and disable alerting for individual sensors.

  •  22 Jul 2012 13:30

Release Notes: This release introduces a newer, prettier billing interface, cleans up various parts of the code, and fixes the Netscaler code to use the correct format of vserver names on newer devices.

  •  28 Jun 2012 00:49

Release Notes: This release ensures that entries are created in the storage-state table during the poller and modifies SQL queries to populate live data on the storage page.

Release Notes: This release adds many improvements, including Cisco IP SLA graphing, improvements to graphing subsystems, fixes to the IP-MIB polling, and Poller performance improvements.

Release Notes: Vastly improved billing code, including new graphs for transfer quotas with per-hour and per-day breakdowns. Improved VLAN tracking support on Cisco. Fixes for many other small bugs and problems.

Release Notes: Vastly improved Devices/Ports browsing was added along with features for use on NOC displays. SmokePing integration was added. Many bugs were fixed and lots of new features were added. A pipe is now used for both RRD updates and graphing, reducing fork() calls from PHP to increase performance.

  •  19 Jul 2010 22:15

Release Notes: This release fixes a missing configuration variable in the example configuration file that rendered the Web interface unusable. There are fixes to allow users to be permitted access to individual interfaces. Polling/Discovery performance times are now logged to the database to be used later.

Release Notes: This release adds many feature enhancements and bugfixes, major updates to the IPv4 and IPv6 address discovery code, improvements to CPU/Memory and MAC accounting graphing on Cisco platforms, Collectd integration, huge speed improvements through selective MIB loading, and minor cosmetic enhancements.


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