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Release Notes: Converted to the new UI style. Adds support for graphing of several new services and device types. Fixes many bugs with data collection and reporting.

Release Notes: This release adds a new AJAX-based typeahead search for hosts and ports. The user interface has been updated with an almost complete migration to Bootstrap. Lots of old UI elements have been updated, and a lot of visual improvements made.

Release Notes: There is a new replacement front-page dashboard with a pretty geographical map to visualize device status. There are fixes to netscaler support, further migration of the GUI to bootstrap, the addition of polling support for JUNIPER-DOM-MIB DOM sensors, and improved Force10 support.

Release Notes: This release adds PostgreSQL statistics collection via the Unix agent, and many more cleanups and improvements to the UI.

Release Notes: This release replaces OverLib in favour of qTip 2.0. It also adds support for collecting per-VLAN Q-BRIDGE-MIB MAC forwarding tables.

Release Notes: This release adds many feature enhancements and bugfixes, major updates to the IPv4 and IPv6 address discovery code, improvements to CPU/Memory and MAC accounting graphing on Cisco platforms, Collectd integration, huge speed improvements through selective MIB loading, and minor cosmetic enhancements.


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