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OpenAL Extensions is a library designed to interact with OpenAL to provide some basic extension features which would be useful to have for a grant, like handling of multiple file formats, buffering or streaming, and anything else which fits in that category.

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Improvements in the maintenance of this project had leaded in a merger of this project into a multipurpose innovative, creative exciting and amusin...

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  •  28 Nov 2012 23:21

Release Notes: This release corrects AL_EXT extension checking to compile with "Creative Labs" headers, corrects C++ checking to compile in C++, and checks for alext.h to finally compile and link to the clabs implementation. Fixes: pkgconfig requires; sample buffer size calculation affecting ale*BufferData and ale*ConvertBufferData.

Release Notes: Adds seeking functionality on streams.

Release Notes: This release improves bigger/better buffer sizes on demos, fixes the default size and channel mode, switches/improves the open/close API to the load/unload API, fixes a duplicate line in aleStreamBufferChunk, and stabilizes and cleans the code base.

Release Notes: This release cleans demo, load, and conversion APIs, adds stream index selection and query APIs, returns samples read to sleep, and adds support for ext formats like FLOAT32 and MC (MultiChannel).

Release Notes: This release features basic buffer and stream handling.


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