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openDCIM is a Web-based data center inventory application which allows you to manage capacity and track assets throughout multiple data centers. There are some graphical elements to the system, but overall, the system is designed for keyboard-friendly (rather than click-happy) use. It is written in PHP and utilizes a MySQL backend for ease of deployment on nearly any LAMP-based build.

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  •  14 Apr 2014 20:37

Release Notes: Graphical cabinet views: use your own images and create rack elevations similar to Visio Drawings. Full auditing of all actions. XML Export for CFD Modeling of data center. Enhanced template definition. Too many new things to fit in this box.

  •  13 Nov 2013 00:35

Release Notes: Improved SNMP communication with switch devices. Zoning of the data center, including capacity statistics. A status indicator for SNMP managed ATS devices.

  •  05 Sep 2013 08:33

Release Notes: This release featured a complete rewrite of the security model. Database calls were moved to the PDO library. Support for polling IF-MIB compliant network devices for link status was added. Many other new features were added.

  •  05 Apr 2013 01:30

Release Notes: This release adds exportation of assets by data center to Excel/CSV, configurable units of measure (English/Metric), and ToolTip sneak peaks in the cabinet view, with user-defined fields to show. Device names are no longer forced to uppercase; the admin can select a site preference between UPPER, lower, CamelCase, or unchanged. Search results will now show in the Data Center/Cabinet/Device hierarchy (previously, the Data Center was not included). Tag searches now support multiple tags, as well as negation (tagA tagB !tagC) Minor bugfixes have been made.

  •  15 Jan 2013 23:58

Release Notes: Adds support for patch panel documentation. Converts power management to a template-based setup. Better support for chassis devices. An email report for recently installed devices. Bugfixes.


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