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OpenDNSSEC is software that manages the security of domain names on the Internet. The project intends to drive adoption of Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) to further enhance Internet security.

Operating Systems

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  •  11 Apr 2014 20:00

    Release Notes: This release fixes libhsm not using all mandatory attributes for GOST key generation and the "key list" command failing with an error in 1.4.4 on MySQL.

    •  11 Sep 2013 17:27

      Release Notes: This release adds an option for 'ods-ksmutil key generate' to take the number of zones as a parameter. Several important bugfixes have been made.

      •  04 Dec 2012 21:46

        Release Notes: SUPPORT-42: ./configure fails on FreeBSD (or if ldns is not installed in a directory in the default search path of the complier). OpenDNSSEC does not compile against ldns 1.6.16 on platforms that rely on the OpenDNSSEC implementation of strlcpy/cat.

        •  13 Nov 2012 23:24

          Release Notes: NSEC3PARAM TTL should be set to zero. Bugfixes: OPENDNSSEC-306 (can't delete zone until Enforcer made signerconf); OPENDNSSEC-281 (Commandhandler was sometimes unresponsive); OPENDNSSEC-299 (ods-ksmutil <enter> now includes policy import); OPENDNSSEC-300 (ods-ksmutil policy purge documented with a warning); OPENDNSSEC-338 (fixes zone deletion on MySQL in ods-ksmutil (broken by SUPPORT-27)); OPENDNSSEC-342: auditor comparisons made case-insensitive; and OPENDNSSEC-345 (in ods-ksmutil, use ods-control to HUP the enforcerd process).

          •  06 Sep 2012 20:49

            Release Notes: This version is recommended for testing only, not for use in production environments. The PIN is now optional in conf.xml. A multi-threaded option is available for the enforcer to improve performance (MySQL only). Signer Engine: The <ProvideTransfer>, <Notify>, <AllowNotify>, and <RequestTransfer> elements are now optional, but if provided they require one or more <Peer> or <Remote> elements.

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            10 Feb 2010 18:03 mdavids Thumbs up

            Excellent team of developpers. Good work. May need some improvements, but I am sure they will be incorporate in future releases.


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