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  •  04 Feb 2014 20:07

Release Notes: This release fixes PDF report generation and "My report". Fixes in the new renderer make it nearly ready to be used for production. Many other fixes were made, including ones for these problems: Opening a dialog is resizing the list and collections. ModuleTestBase.assertDescriptionValue() does not work for enums. When overwriting associateEntity() in SaveElementInCollectionAction, the validate minimum functionality is lost. The minimum for collections declared with @Size(min=) is not validated on removing elements. Adding elements to a collection with no cascade REMOVE or ALL does not validate maximum (@Size(max=)).

Release Notes: OpenXavaTest now includes Selenium tests for visual testing of views. It's possible to add JavaScript functions to release resources to editors. A new hasTime() method was added to Dates. TLDs were moved from openxava.jar to openxava.tld in WEB-INF (to work with Tomcat 7 + Eclipse WTP on Windows). Some new common use labels were provided for use in applications. Many bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release adds the possibility of aligning by columns in the root view, an image gallery editor which uses a dialog, Russian documentation improvements, and many new features and bugfixes.

  •  15 Jan 2013 12:31

Release Notes: This release added IWithMessage, which is implemented by validators to get the messages from @Required, @PropertyValidator, and @EntityValidator. The new layout engine was improved, though it is still in beta and deactivated by default. Many bugs were fixed, including issues with @Inject in "on change" actions, storing of columns in collections with @AsEmbedded, and some IE problems.

  •  11 Sep 2012 21:30

Release Notes: Focus order only includes editors. Actions, links, tabs, etc. are excluded. SimpleHTMLReportAction extends SimpleTemplaterAction to be able to use SimpleTemplater in email messages. Documentation for @Tree is improved. Focus is not set in the first load of detail only modules. Navigating among objects with references with inheritance no longer produces a system error. New in a model with a reference with inheritance does not reset the reference view to the base model. Searching from a reference with inheritance did not always show all the objects of the hierarchy. There are many more bugfixes.

  •  25 Apr 2012 21:30

Release Notes: There is a new method executeClicking() in ModuleTestBase. Locales for portlet resource files did not match those of portlet.xml (javax.portlet.title error in liferay). Reports in Excel format produced a file called report.pdf instead of report.xls. Tab default values are applied to collections. If defined, a list formatter is used as a formatter in detail mode too. No longer tries to load .svn files as JS. Calculated properties are not injected in the entity validators. A CSRF attack error in Liferay dialogs is fixed. There are many more fixes.

Release Notes: Totals and row count are shown in collection frames when they are folded. The comparator 'range' has been added to the list and collections filter. Java 7 support. A slide effect for hiding and showing frames. Frames fill all the width of the view. HtmlUnit has been upgraded to 2.9. jQuery UI has been upgraded to 1.8.12. jQuery has been upgraded to 1.5.2. Liferay 4.1 is no longer supported. A new method setConditionValuesTo() in ModuleTestBase. Some bugfixes.

  •  13 Jan 2012 02:12

Release Notes: This release fixes references with @AsEmbedded to read the referenced object if the ID has an event associated, dialogs on IE9, "object not found" when the ID is inside a section, parent entities not being injected in EntityValidor if the reference name does not match the model name, Oracle 9 maximum open cursors exceeded, an exception on commit from a dialog disabling the dialog and showing the error message in a hidden layer, and calculated values which depend on an unsaved value not being correct after modifying a collection.

  •  20 Sep 2011 14:33

Release Notes: Properties with the WebURL editor or WEBURL stereotype are now shown in a list as links. This release fixes dialogs in Liferay 6 not hiding resizing gadgets of collections, image galleries not working from a reference, encoding of the content of the generated hbm files not matching the declared encoding, on-change actions and calculated properties failing in Chrome with BigDecimal values, the "loading..." AJAX message not being displayed well in IE6/IE7, and uploading files failing when using the old URL notation for the module.

  •  16 Aug 2011 22:01

Release Notes: JetSpeed 2.2.1 is supported. A new PersistenceUnit controller and SetPersistenceUnitAction class to facilitate multi-database applications. BaseAction no longer implements IChangeControllersAction, but still implements the change controllers related methods. The date format has been improved for Catalan. Many bugfixes.


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