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  •  28 Feb 2014 18:30

Release Notes: Clonezilla has been updated to same version used in the stable release of Clonezilla Live. Make sure you boot in uEFI mode from the GRUB2 menu to ensure the Windows uEFI boot loader is properly installed. GParted is now 0.18.0. The Xorg Server has been updated to 1.15.0. Ddrescue-gui was updated to version 1.3. This version of Parted Magic is built on top of the Linux 3.13.4 kernel. After some careful testing, the authors were finally able to upgrade to gsmartcontrol-0.8.6 and smartmontools-6.2.

  •  05 Jan 2014 15:41

Release Notes: This version of Parted Magic updates many programs, introduces a few new ones, and adds a new module system. The most notable program updates include Linux kernel 3.12.6, ClamTK 5.01, File Roller 3.10.0, Mozilla Firefox 26.0, and GParted 0.17.0. A few programs were added. These include Gpointing Device Settings, Rdiff Backup, Wimlib, PCRegEdit, and many new Perl modules for the ClamTK upgrade. A new module system drastically reduces the amount of RAM needed to use extra programs, and works exactly like the old system.

  •  12 Nov 2013 02:27

Release Notes: The default File Manger and Desktop Manager is now PCManFM. There is a one-click option in the Network menu to install VirtualBox. At this time, only 32bit is supported. uEFI support for CD/DVD booting has been improved. The 64bit and 32bit kernel modules are now in two separate initramfs. There are lots of little improvements in the Secure Erase GUI. Parted Magic now includes Redshift GUI for those spending many hours at the machine at night. All Xorg drivers have been updated to the newest releases. The Linux kernel has been upgraded to long-term support version 3.10.18.

  •  26 Sep 2013 23:27

Release Notes: This version includes a new GUI for Secure Erase and a GUI for DDRescue. It now boots normally on Windows 8 machines with Secure Boot enabled. There is a completely new layout for the panel menu, and many updated programs.

  •  11 Aug 2013 10:09

Release Notes: This release adds improved international language, USB, and video support. Dutch, Ukrainian, and Turkish language support has been added. Asian language support has been improved by adding the SCIM input method by default. The panel menu now has vastly better translations for all supported languages. pptp networking support has been added to the Network Manager. Support has improved for USB and USB flash drives and for ATI and Intel graphics cards.

  •  02 Aug 2013 11:49

Release Notes: This is probably the most thoroughly-tested version of Parted Magic that's been done in a while. More attention has been given to fixing old problems than to adding new features (though there are quite a few new ones). The program to download virus definitions has been overhauled to show more information after the download is complete, such as the size of the files and the version. You can also decide to download the main, the daily, or both. The program which displays which programs are installed has been split into groups instead of a 1,000-package list.

  •  15 Jun 2013 09:42

Release Notes: A new Steampunk/Tron theme was included with two sizes and a probe for screen resolution, so it looks good on most machines.

  •  03 May 2013 01:36

Release Notes: EFI booting support from CDROM has been greatly improved. "Erase Disk" has a new menu with translations. f2fs-tools has been added, and you can create a f2fs with GParted. A new “forcevesa” kernel commandline option has been added. (This works with cards like the MGA G200* series.) The Parted Magic Wipe Free Space GUI has been translated. There's a simple GTK+ GUI for chntpw which should make changing Windows passwords much easier. The Xorg Server has been upgraded to 1.14.1 with all the latest Xorg drivers. SpaceFM now manages the desktop. You can now drag and drop icons to the desktop or /root/Desktop folders. The right-click menu allows the creation of files and folders, which means you can keep your files on the desktop again. Jeex and Hexedit have been added to the SpaceFM right-click “Open” menu, which makes it much easier to edit files directly. “Open terminal here” and “Show hidden files” have also been added to the right-click menu. There's a new program to help prepare USB drives for booting Parted Magic, called “USB Boot Flash”, with code based on “bootflash” from Puppy Linux. Firefox has been upgraded to version 20.0.1. There's a new program called “Parted Magic Mount”, and the fstab daemon has been completely redesigned to work much faster and be much more accurate than it has been. Because of the new design, it polls every 5 seconds instead of 10. If a change is detected, the device probe and fstab changes are made in about one second on most machines. GParted has been upgraded to version 0.16.1. This version corrects the segfaults found in the 0.15.0 and 0.16.0 releases. Clonezilla has been upgraded to version 3.3.10 and DRBL to version 2.3.10. There have also been a number of added programs: chkrootkit-0.49, gdmap-0.8.1, sg3_utils-1.35, jeex-12.0, xterm-291, rdesktop-1.7.1, putty-0.62, and f2fs-tools-1.1.0. The Linux kernel has been upgraded to version 3.8.10 with reiser4 support. The following programs have been removed: udisks, mount-gtk, Rox-filer, feh, and imlib.

  •  01 Mar 2013 03:07

Release Notes: Parted Magic now supports booting from EFI BIOS. The kernel has been upgraded to Linux 3.7.9, with fixes for the bug bricking Samsung laptops using EFI and the samsung-laptop module. It's safe to use EFI and Parted Magic in this release.

  •  29 Jan 2013 22:11

Release Notes: This version brings all the Xorg packages up to date, adds Spanish language support, and has a greatly improved Shut Down Menu. In the last release, there were some issues with the Xorg 13 series. Some people were getting black screens. Reports have come in, and most of this seems to be corrected by adjusting some udev rules, pulling a few Xorg drivers from git, and updating to the 3.7.5 Linux kernel.


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