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pcu is a set of simple command-line utilities to expose the posix_fadvise and mincore syscalls. pcu-fadvise gives the kernel advice on the access pattern for files. This advice can affect all processes by all users accessing those files. pcu-mincore is used to determine which parts of a file are in cache. These utilties are targeted for Linux 2.6, but may work on other operating systems that support the mincore and posix_fadvise syscalls. mincore is not a part of POSIX, and posix_fadvise is uncommon despite being specified by POSIX.

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  •  29 Nov 2012 00:14

Release Notes: This release adds support for syncfs() on Linux (via the -f flag in pcu-fsync).

  •  02 Aug 2009 06:00

    Release Notes: mincore output should now always be correct regardless of memory layout. Command-line arguments should now be 64-bit-aware on 32-bit machines if large file support is enabled (the default). There are also documentation cleanups and improvements. The documentation was moved entirely over to Markdown with Pandoc.

    •  11 May 2009 00:11

    Release Notes: Minor tweaks and man pages have been added. pcu-mincore output has been changed to output byte offsets instead of page offsets.


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