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Release Notes: The previous build introduced code which broke compatibility with PHP < 5.3. This build brings a fix to make phlyMail compatible with PHP 5.2. again (for now). Please update your PHP to at least 5.3.x since future phlyMail versions may need it.

Release Notes: This build fixes many issues with the cron job handling, some syntactic errors in the French translation, and a few more minor issues.

Release Notes: This build fixes the update process by moving a lengthy task into crontab, fixes creating IMAP folders, and improves keyboard navigation in mail folders. Having incorrect credentials (e.g. changed password) for IMAP accounts no longer drops all their associated messages from the index.

Release Notes: This build fixes some of the obvious problems of 4.3.50.

Release Notes: Handling of all-day events in external calendars from Apple's iCal or Google Calendar has been improved. A few minor issues have been fixed.

Release Notes: This build massively improves the editing of events and fixes many minor issues. It also updates the included CKEditor and SabreDAV.

Release Notes: This build vastly improves the display of calendar events and allows you to flag the calendar groups with individual colours (which are shown alongside the events in the main calendar). External calendars in iCalendar format (ICS / VCS) can be included as folders and polled regularly. Switching between the external and internal calendar for groups is possible at any time.

Release Notes: This release candidate adds quota support to the WebDAV server and allows you to change the upper limits for thumbnail generation through the configuration file. The "please enable cookies" warning is now only displayed when a session cookie is enabled and the browser does not allow cookies.

Release Notes: Most of the issues regarding WebDAV and thumbnail generation should now be fixed, as well as some other minor bugs and typos.

Release Notes: This build fixes the issues found since the last release, namely a few SQL bugs and a bug in the WebDAV server.


Project Spotlight


Data center infrastructure management.


Project Spotlight

GNOME Commander

A GNOME based filemanager.