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Release Notes: The installer has been fully revamped, giving it a more modern, slim appeal and making it easier to understand. A few minor issues with the configuration interface, the mail list, and fetching external calendars have been fixed. Cronjob scheduling has been improved, with the process limit raised. Both steps should improve Cronjob handling.

Release Notes: This build fixes various issues with typos and the autoload mechanism, and massively improves the behavior when adding a new IMAP account.

Release Notes: This build fixes a few issues with the display of mail attachments, the mobile interface, and some CSS issues, and finally brings a cure to the problem where the MySQL timezone might be different than that of the installation.

Release Notes: A few minor issues were unearthed, and were addressed with this build.

Release Notes: This build fixes some of the obvious problems of 4.3.50.

Release Notes: This build fixes an issue with the JavaScript implementation of MD5, which did not handle wide UTF-8 chars (like German umlauts or other special characters) correctly. Besides that, some minor issues were fixed.

Release Notes: Besides a few minor bugfixes, this build adds code to filter out BCC addresses from outgoing mail. Some mail servers don't do so despite being required by the RFCs. This lead to BCC addresses leaking to recipients.

Release Notes: Handling of all-day events in external calendars from Apple's iCal or Google Calendar has been improved. A few minor issues have been fixed.

Release Notes: This build fixes some PHP warnings (sloppy code). It improves the handling of non-UTF-8 HTML mail forwarded as HTML and the link recognition in plain text email.

Release Notes: This build just fixes some minor bugs.


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