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  •  16 Mar 2014 20:56

Release Notes: This releases improves the self-healing of the CronJobs, which should recognize dead processes more reliably. Users shouldn't need to manually intervene anymore. "Reply All" now removes one's own address from CC fields.

Release Notes: This build fixes a nasty error in the installer, which "forgot" to create some system folders for the user. Code has also been added which tries to recreate the missing folders on login, if necessary.

Release Notes: Unfortunately, there were still some minor bugs in the previous build; they have been fixed in this one.

Release Notes: This build fixes various issues with typos and the autoload mechanism, and massively improves the behavior when adding a new IMAP account.

Release Notes: This build fixes a few minor issues which were missed in the previous release. It's now considered feature-complete and stable.

Release Notes: The previous build introduced code which broke compatibility with PHP < 5.3. This build brings a fix to make phlyMail compatible with PHP 5.2. again (for now). Please update your PHP to at least 5.3.x since future phlyMail versions may need it.

Release Notes: This build fixes some issues with MySQL field definitions that could prevent an installation of phlyMail at all.

Release Notes: This build can switch between behaviors when deleting messages by moving them to the wastebin. One can choose to either mark the messages as read or just move them to the trash.

Release Notes: This build fixes an issue with the JavaScript implementation of MD5, which did not handle wide UTF-8 chars (like German umlauts or other special characters) correctly. Besides that, some minor issues were fixed.

Release Notes: This is the final release of phlyMail 4.3. It just fixes one minor issue with "Reply All", where the original recipients are now correctly differentiated between To: and CC:. It is recommended that all users update.


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Tools to access to a server's filespace and printers via SMB.


Project Spotlight


An online service for weather data.