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phpSecurePages is a PHP module to secure pages with a login name and password. It can handle multiple user groups (each with their own viewing rights), store data in a MySQL database or a configuration file, and be used to identify your Web site viewers. It also has multiple language support and optional IP-based access restrictions.

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  •  18 Apr 2013 14:26

    Release Notes: All deprecated PHP functions and features were replaced. The code was rewritten so that no PHP notices are thrown. SQL injection attacks are prevented by sanitizing database input with mysql_real_escape_string(). The login interface is now able to pass both GET and POST variables to the destination page after a successful login.

    •  17 Mar 2013 17:00

      Release Notes: This release adds support for IP-based access. You will now be able to restrict logins to a user's IP address or IP address range.

      •  27 Jan 2013 00:49

        Release Notes: This release adds support for PHP5, removes support for PHP3, changes the look of the login interface, enables the code to read md5-encrypted passwords, fixes issues with functions being loaded twice in frames, and adds Croatian, Macedonian, and Luxembourgish language files.

        •  15 Jul 2005 11:17

        Release Notes: This release fixes an important security issue where it was possible to execute code on the server running phpSP if PHP was configured to accept files from remote servers.

        •  09 Aug 2002 22:44

        Release Notes: New Euskara, Serbian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Arabic language files, fixes for issues with some servers giving wrong directory location info, and fixes for broken backward compatibility problems with PHP 4.2.0 and up.

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        03 May 2008 13:08 crispinternet

        Re: SecurePages with PHP5
        Does any one know which file they had to change i went thorugh all of them and still its not working with PHP5 any ones help would be great i have an appl which is down at the min because of me portingthe app form php4 to php5


        > Yes, it solves the problem.


        > The variable names you must change are:


        > $HTTP_SERVER_VARS ==> $_SERVER

        > $HTTP_ENV_VARS ==> $_ENV

        > $HTTP_GET_VARS ==> $_GET

        > $HTTP_POST_VARS ==> $_POST






        > % yeah, I had the same problem.

        > FINALLY,

        > % I figured out the problem. The

        > % variables in php > 4.1 changed.

        > Mostly,

        > % it's things like $HTTP_GET_VARS

        > changed

        > % to $_GET and so on. See this page

        > for

        > % details:

        > %

        > %

        > % Then, grep for HTTP_ in all the php

        > % files, and change the ones that you

        > need

        > % to... it worked for me!




        25 Jan 2008 16:11 mradio105fm

        Same page- I want it to go to something different after login

        I was searching the internet and found this. I like it, except when I go to test.php (renamed to login.php) it says access denied. I type the right password out. I found out, it uses my MD5 password.

        Also, After users login I want them to go to a page like index.php . How can I make this happen? I want the login.php (formerly test.php) to be for logging in only. After a successful login, they go to index.php . On my site I would like to use a directory like schoolwatch.mradio105f... for logging in. Then after a successful login it goes to: schoolwatch.mradio105f... . How can I make this happen? Also, can you make a change password feature for users so they can change their passwords. Also, I want to have an Admin level (e.g. Level 10) and I want the admin level to be able to add and delete accounts and change levels. How do I do this?

        Thanks so much!

        04 Sep 2007 05:31 stevemock

        Dropping Sessions
        Where is Paul? Paul... we *did* cough up 20 bucks for a

        commercial license. Could you not offer even a small bit of


        We are experiencing consistently dropped sessions when

        reloading a secure page after a query. Can you help us

        figure out what is happening?

        We have installed the latest version. We are running PHP 4.

        Sessions are being dropped and it is a pain.

        See it all here:

        user: JohnDoe

        pass: whatever

        Get in there and do a couple of sort/searches. Drops every

        single time.

        23 Jun 2007 13:32 guardian46

        I like this project, but...
        I really do like the way this script secures web pages with flexable group level access. What the project lacks is support. I've tried several times to get questions answered with no luck. Maybe someone could start a Forum for phpSP??

        04 May 2007 14:58 kocaweb

        add function to change password
        is it possible to add the function to change the password for usernames in mysql data base i created a mysql database using default settings all I need is to change a password for one username I need to change it frequently so i am trying to add that function into php page. any help would be appreciated


        CREATE TABLE phpSP_users (


        user VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,

        password VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL,

        userlevel TINYINT(3),

        PRIMARY KEY (primary_key),

        KEY (user)



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