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Pillow scans directories searching for CommonJS packages (package.json files) and makes the packages usable in the browser (i.e. the found packages and modules can be accessed using the require() function). It supports multiple js files per package (and the dot notation in the require function). It also supports non js files (PNG, JPEG, GIF, JSON, CSS, HTML, and MD). Pillow can operate in command line mode (pillowscan mydirectory) or in server mode (pillowserve mydirectory), in which case packages are remade on the fly each time they are loaded through HTTP.

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  •  13 Nov 2012 23:23

    Release Notes: Support for ender packages, support for packaging JSON and markdown files, and miscellaneous bugfixes. This version is in use (as part of swallowapps) in the node knockout project GuloStudio.


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    Data center infrastructure management.


    Project Spotlight

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