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Release Notes: This maintenance release fixes many bugs and brings a couple of improvements.

  •  04 Oct 2006 08:15

Release Notes: Four new rules were added. Many bugfixes and improvements were made to various rules. A bunch of optimizations were made to various rules and internal classes. The basic ruleset is now about 40% faster.

  •  10 May 2005 11:06

Release Notes: This release includes eight new rules, a slew of bugfixes, and better support for JDK 1.5. Several rules were optimized; for example, UnusedModifer now runs about ten times faster.

  •  17 Dec 2004 14:55

Release Notes: Many bugfixes and two new rules: AvoidProtectedFieldInFinalClass and SystemPrintln. Rules now have more consistent names, JDK 1.5 support is slightly better (although generics and annotations don't work yet), and CPD now has support for ignoring identifiers.

  •  14 Jul 2004 10:56

Release Notes: Four new rules were added. Some improvements were made to various existing rules. UnusedLocal now catches variables which are assigned but not used. Some bugs were fixed to reduce false positives.

  •  19 May 2004 11:38

Release Notes: New rules: ExceptionAsFlowControlRule, BadComparisonRule, AvoidThrowingCertainExceptionTypesRule, AvoidCatchingNPERule, and OptimizableToArrayCallRule. Major grammar changes: many new node types have been added, and many superfluous nodes have been removed from the runtime AST. Bug 786611 has been fixed. Expressions are no longer over-expanded in the AST. Bug 874284 has been fixed. The AST now contains tokens for bitwise or expressions, e.g. "|".


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