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Release Notes: Initial support for tagged PDFs was implemented. Annotation support was improved. The information given by pdfinfo and pdfimages was expanded. The PSOutputDev device was improved. Various other improvements and bug fixes were made.

Release Notes: An initial Qt5 frontend was added. In TextOutputDev, a method was added to TextPage to get the selection as a list of words. Several minor build system fixes were made. Further minor bugs were fixed, including potential crashes.

Release Notes: SplashOutputDev is now 10 times faster at some tiling. Caching of lcms2 ICC color profiles was improved. Some private classes were moved into an anonymous namespace. A thread stresser tool was added to the Qt4 frontend. The mingw build was fixed.

Release Notes: Large file support was added. Rendering was made thread-safe. The Crypt filter was implemented. Thin Line mode support was added to SplashOutputDev. Support for uncolored tiling patterns was added to CairoOutputDev. Several minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Annotation and form improvements were made. CairoImageOutputDev gained support for parameterized Gouraud shading. The Qt4 frontend was improved. Various minor bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: Modification of files with Encrypt is now possible. The GLIB and Qt 4 frontends gained various APIs. pdftohtml was improved. Various annotation improvements were made. Many minor improvements were made, and bugs were fixed.

Release Notes: This release improves annotations, fixes various bugs in CairoOutputDev, adds producer and version information to the XML output of pdftohtml, fixes outputMask inversion for PNGs in pdftohtml, and fixes other bugs.

Release Notes: This release merges Xpdf 3.03, supports lcms2 (LittleCMS 2), implements overprint, improves CairoOutputDev, enhances the utilities, and adds many other improvements and bugfixes.

  •  13 Sep 2011 13:06

Release Notes: Minor build fixes were made.

Release Notes: Several improvements were made to PSOutputDev, CairoOutputDev, and PNGWriter. The writing of PDF files was reworked. New "pdftocairo" (for creating PNG/JPEG/PS/EPS/PDF/SVG files using CairoOutputDev), "pdfextract", and "pdfmerge" utilities were introduced. There were also other minor enhancements and bug fixes.


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