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  •  13 Apr 2014 17:58

Release Notes: Feeds are now retrieved in a separated process with the Gevent library. This offers the best performance on Heroku.

Release Notes: The code has been tested and ported to Python 3.3.1. Some minor bugs have been fixed, with a lot of improvements concerning the Mako templates, MongoDB database management, and management of exceptions.

Release Notes: pyAggr3g470r is now using the Mako template library. Performance improvements for the MongoDB database have been made, and some minor bugfixes. Stop words (a, of, the, an, for...) are now ignored when calculating top words for the generation of the tag cloud. A new page indicates the list of inactive feeds (with no new published articles since a given number of days).

Release Notes: The feed summary page, which displays general information about a feed, now lets you change the feed metadata (feed logo, feed name, and feed URL if changed). Moreover, this page displays the activity of a feed and other useful information. It is now possible to set a different POD for Diaspora in the configuration file and to share an article with Google +1. A control file to start or stop pyAggr3g470r has been added. From the GUI side, a new transparent CSS tooltip has been introduced in order to preview an article. Finally, some minor performance improvements and bugfixes were made.

Release Notes: The GUI uses more HTML 5 features like HTML5 Forms Validation (email input, URL input), an HTML5 month+year date picker, and a placeholder. From each article it is possible to access the following and previous article (and a new main menu with CSS ToolTip). Articles can now be exported to the EPUB format. Articles loaded from the SQLite base are now stored in memory in a better data structure. With more than 10,000 articles, pyAggr3g470r starts in 3 seconds. Finally, email notifications are now sent with HTML message content and with an alternative plain text version (MIMEMultipart).

  •  06 Feb 2010 07:20

Release Notes: Unread articles are now shown in bold. This was implemented using a new field in the SQLite database. New tabs for article descriptions are opened with the _rel=noreferrer_ option in order to separate processes (useful with Chromium). It is now possible to see only unread articles for each feed.


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