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  •  04 Jan 2013 22:07

Release Notes: Adds the experimental bitwise-expression generator target. Allows you to specify the --include option multiple times. Completely revisited and reworked documentation. Allows you to abbreviate the names of the algorithms. Minor documentation changes.

  •  28 Mar 2010 12:56

Release Notes: The table-driven algorithm can handle widths that are not byte-aligned as well as widths less than 8. The half-baked and confusing --direct option was removed. Code clean-up was done; the generated C code should no longer generate warnings about unused variables. This version introduces a C/C++ API change: the additional (internal) parameter crc_shift in the crc_cfg_t structure. This variable is used by the table-driven algorithm when the width is not defined during code generation. This variable is zero if the width is >= 8.


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