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  •  19 Dec 2012 00:41

Release Notes: This release introduces OpenCl and GPU computation and fixes the VSYNC problem under Windows.

  •  11 Dec 2012 02:00

Release Notes: This release adds an FPS counter and rewrites the log method so it is more efficient and faster.

  •  02 Dec 2012 00:50

Release Notes: This release adds fast particle rendering, electromagnetic filed support, improved support for electromagnetism, and a plotting vector filed function.

  •  19 Nov 2012 23:33

Release Notes: This release adds damping force and the damped harmonic motion test. It also fixes and improves some documentation.

  •  12 Nov 2012 23:07

Release Notes: This release adds a two testing procedure, for comparing an analytical solution with the numerical solution. It is compatible with Python 3.3.

  •  28 Oct 2012 21:50

Release Notes: This release adds measurements of kinetic and potential energy, as well as the Lennard Jones potential. There are some improvements in the OpenGL GUI.

  •  21 Oct 2012 18:07

Release Notes: This release includes a particle by particle simulation, some forces models like gravity springs constant and vector field, some integration methods like Euler, Runge Kutta, and a good quality OpenGl visualization, plus a pair of interesting demos. It has an easy to use API.


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A QT cross-platform frontend for ccrypt.


Project Spotlight


A live Linux CD graphical Arch installer.