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Qore Programming Language

Qore is a scripting language supporting threading and embedded logic, and designed for applying a flexible scripting-based approach to enterprise interface development. It is also useful as a general purpose language.

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Release Notes: This release contains many updates, including new and updated user modules, socket, HTTP, and datasource pool performance instrumentation support, HTTP, REST, and MIME enhancements, and many other updates, including many bugfixes.

Release Notes: This release contains new features focusing on improved HTTP support (better HTTP RFC compliance, REST and WebSocket client and server support, support for automatic rendering of templated HTML files, etc.), a new very high level database API for automated schema management and SQL data operations (including programmatic DB access), much improved UTF-8 support, and many new user modules. The release also contains many enhancements to existing functionality and scores of bugfixes. Qore is now available under the GPL 2, LGPL 2.1, and MIT licenses.

Release Notes: This release adds lots of new features and bugfixes. Code inheritance between Program objects has been greatly improved, and declarations tagged as public are now inherited by default in child Program objects. Lots of new functions, methods, and type (pseudo) methods have been implemented, particularly to make iterators more powerful and to make developing iterators easier.

Release Notes: This release focuses on iterator improvements; it features some minor changes due to bad design decisions regarding hash iterator support and several new iterator classes and pseudo-methods, designed to facilitate easier iteration of complex data structures from the map operator.

  •  10 Nov 2012 01:49

Release Notes: This is mostly a stability release. It includes bugfixes for Qore and also includes some minor new features.


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