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  •  05 Oct 2013 09:19

Release Notes: This release fixed bugs in retrieving NUMBER types from NTYs and provided additional error handling for internal object/NTY APIs. DBI options affecting numeric value retrieval are now enforced on NTY equally as with all other places in the driver.

Release Notes: Thie release includes support for LONG columns (used in system catalogs), support for Oracle Advanced Queuing, and many bugfixes.

  •  11 Nov 2012 18:43

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release fixing mostly regression bugs introduced in the last release. A bug was fixed where non-integer NUMBER values were being returned as integers. Another related bug was fixed where negative integer values were being returned as arbitrary-precision numeric values instead of integers. A bug in some Oracle client libraries on some platforms was worked around where writing LOB values > 32 MB would fail with an "ORA-03135: connection lost contact" error; the workaround was to use streaming LOB APIs for LOB writing.


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