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  •  10 Nov 2012 01:49

Release Notes: This is mostly a stability release. It includes bugfixes for Qore and also includes some minor new features.

  •  17 Sep 2012 21:04

Release Notes: This is a pure bugfix release; the most important fix is for a race condition accessing global and closure-bound thread-local variables in multi-threaded contexts. Additionally, a bug in transaction management with the DatasourcePool class when used with the SQLStatement class was fixed, as well as two bugs affecting outgoing email in the MailMessage.qm and Mime.qm user modules.

  •  04 Sep 2012 14:19

Release Notes: This release introduces several major new features, including abstract methods, allowing implementation-independent interfaces to be defined, universal lvalue references, removal of all restrictions on the use of lvalue references, and iterators, including support for iterator classes in the functional/list operators (map, foldl, foldr, select, etc). Additionally this release contains many bugfixes and other miscellaneous improvements including new functions and pseudo-methods.


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A style and grammar checker for English, Polish, German, and other languages


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XiX Music Player

A music player for MP3, Ogg, and FLAC files.