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qrq is a Morse telegraphy trainer for Linux, Unix (including OS X), and Windows, similar to the classic DOS program "Rufz".

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  •  06 Jan 2013 19:25

Release Notes: This minor release adds an option to re-hear a previously graded callsign (by pressing F7) and fixes an error in saving the toplist file on Linux/Unix systems. A new configuration option allows you to use arbitrary sampling rates for the audio output.

  •  20 Dec 2011 01:27

    Release Notes: This release adds a new platform: "qrq" now can be compiled for Windows, using the WinMM sound API. It also contains a few minor bugfixes which are described in detail in the ChangeLog.

    •  19 Sep 2011 21:32

    Release Notes: This release mostly consists of bugfixes (sound issues with the OSS driver and build problems with gcc 4.6) and adds support for Core Audio under OS X.

    •  08 May 2011 09:48

    Release Notes: This release adds support for PulseAudio (in addition to OSS and OpenAl), which means that qrq should now run on most every current and past Linux or Unix brand. Several training functions were added that allow for highly customized Morse training.

    •  22 Jun 2008 23:39

    Release Notes: This release builds under Mac OS X with OpenAL.


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