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  •  02 Jan 2013 23:12

Release Notes: This is a bugfix release. It fixes a problem where the interpreter was not able to create savegames on some systems. File handling should now be fully internationalized. File paths and filenames (saved games, transcripts, game files, etc.) should now work in any language on all systems. The TADS 3 VM no longer produces the same sequence of random numbers every time the interpreter is launched. For those of you who like to build QTads from source, you can now build it against Qt 5. The released binaries will still be using Qt 4 though, since it's well tested.

Release Notes: This release updates the TADS virtual machines to 2.5.15/3.1.1. It comes with an application icon for Mac OS X and Windows. On OS X, it registers the file types it can open and provides icons for them.

Release Notes: Bilinear filtering is now used when scaling images. The Game Information dialog now supports cover art images and all "Treaty of Babel" attributes. The list of recently played games now lists games by their name. The file I/O safety level is now configurable. A bug that resulted in some games using wrong fonts was fixed. A rare crash that occurred when entering non-Latin characters was fixed. Other minor fixes and enhancements were made.

Release Notes: Page-pauses (a.k.a. "MORE" prompts) now occur when the game displays more content than will fit in the window. Banners can now have borders. Rendering is now faster and performs fewer drawing operations. The interpreter is now able to perform an on online check for new versions. On the Mac, running a game by dropping its file on the QTads icon is now supported. Various other bugfixes and enhancements were made.

Release Notes: A crash at exit after playing MIDI music was fixed. Correct bg/fg default colors are now used for text-grid banners. Accented character input glitches were fixed. A problem in which games could not display dialogs with buttons was fixed. Game files may now be dragged and dropped into the interpreter window.

  •  27 Sep 2003 21:21

Release Notes: This version fixes a problem where the "Recent Games" menu was behaving very weirdly (newly loaded games didn't show up until QTads was restarted).


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