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RPL/2 (Reverse Polish Lisp/2) is a langage derived from the RPL made by Hewlett-Packard for its HP-28S. It has some extensions (preprocessor, compilated libraries, new functions), a TeX output, and can draw graphics.

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  •  28 Nov 2013 23:42

Release Notes: OpenMotif is now patched to correctly detect fontconfig. Sqlite and ncurses are updated. is fixed. rpl() now sends arguments to RPL/2 subroutines. The rpl() prototype is fixed (rpl_home is an unsigned char *, not an unsigned char **). GSL is upgraded. A major bug is fixed in the READ intrinsic (it only occurs on Unix devices).

  •  06 Sep 2013 22:07

    Release Notes: RGDL and RGDR (ragged left and ragged right) new intrinsic functions have been added since 4.1.14. A major bug is fixed in the initialization sequence (segfault). It only occurs when RPL/2 is built with a forced localization. EXIT regression is fixed.

    •  22 Jun 2013 14:29

      Release Notes: The number of pipes between process was reduced. Gnuplot was upgraded and patched so that it can be built without a texinfo error. Libiconv was patched to support recent GLIBC (C11) versions. Some race conditions were fixed. Sqlite was upgraded. Major regressions were fixed in the IFERR/END structure and inin evaluation(). Local variables were exported to called definitions. All users should upgrade to this release.

      •  01 Apr 2013 15:06

        Release Notes: This release contains a lot of bugfixes and some minor improvements. All users should upgrade to 4.1.13.

        •  28 Feb 2013 14:11

          Release Notes: A minor bug inrecherche_type() was fixed. { "\"" } was not evaluated as expected as an inner quote was not escaped. A new CIPHER intrinsic was added for performing key generation, decryption, and encryption. CBC-CMAC and HMAC digests were added. A DIGEST intrinsic was added. Signal management on NetBSD was fixed. RPL/CAS auto-configuration is upgraded. SQLITE support was added in SQLQUERY, SQLCONNECT, and SQLDISCONNECT.


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          A program to generate Morse code sound files from text.


          Project Spotlight

          Aspose.Email for .NET

          A suite of .NET components for email programming.