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  •  08 Nov 2012 22:37

Release Notes: The zip release ships with sabre/vobject 2.0.5. The entire codebase has been moved to PHP namespaces. BC Break: every backend package (CalDAV, CardDAV, Auth, Locks, Principals) now has consistent naming conventions. There's a BackendInterface and an AbstractBackend class. BC Break: several constructor signatures have been changed in the CalDAV package to reduce dependencies on the ACL package. BC Break: Sabre_CalDAV_ISharedCalendar now also has a getShares method, so sharees can figure out who is also on a shared calendar.

  •  06 Oct 2012 21:22

Release Notes: This major release constitutes about seven months of work, a bunch of new features, and a lot of performance improvements. If you are upgrading from 1.6, be sure to read the migration document for upgrade instructions, and don't forget to back up your database.

  •  13 Feb 2011 09:17

Release Notes: Support was added for big chunks of RFC3744 (ACL), with a couple of exceptions. Support for CalDAVProxy (calendar delegation) was added. All "principal" related functionality has been moved from Sabre_DAV_Auth to the new Sabre_DAVACL package. The Sabre_VObject package was added for easy iCalendar parsing. Sabre_CalDAV_ICSExportPlugin was added for supporting the "Subscribe to calendar" feature found in some calendaring tools. Many more bugs were fixed.

  •  24 May 2010 13:49

Release Notes: CalDAV (RFC4791) is supported. PDO backends were added for Locks, Authentication, and Calendars. 95% of the code is covered by unit tests. There's actually more unit testing code now than "normal" code. ACL (RFC3744) principals were implemented. Note that privileges are not yet implemented. Extended MKCOL (RFC5689) is supported. If-Range, If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since, If-Match, and If-None-Match are supported. There are now two distributions: the first is a unified zip file with all the features, and the second is four separate PEAR packages.


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