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  •  02 Jun 2013 21:03

Release Notes: This is primarily a bugfix update, but it also fixes report setup errors in summary reports, adds a flag to disable a backup configuration file, adds new targets for building Debian source packages, and adds a number of bugfixes for Python compatibility and other errors.

  •  21 Jan 2013 04:55

Release Notes: This release includes: a major rework of LVM snapshot handling, generation of MIME email with summary reports, better handling of PostgreSQL passwords, the ability to use LVM snapshots with XFS filesystems, allows the use of ~/.safekeep for non-root users, and allows default and automatic snapshot sizes.

  •  18 Feb 2012 12:27

Release Notes: This release adds the ability to store script files on either the client or server, rewritten snapshot creation to remove use of "rbind", automatic cleanup on next run after an abort, support for LVM tagging for snapshots, better handling of messages and tracebacks, and a number of other code cleanups and bugfixes. The minimum Python supported is now Python 2.3.

  •  27 Nov 2011 21:51

Release Notes: This release includes more fixes for dealing with LVM snapshots, better handling of other failure conditions, updates for Python syntax issues and changes, allowing of the specification of a sender address in email messages, and better handling of ionice(1).

  •  28 Mar 2011 16:11

Release Notes: This release fixes a few serious errors that prevented safekeep from running. LVN snapshots and SSH key delivery were fixed. A number of errors introduced in the previous release (1.3.1) were fixed. Installation from source ("make install") was improved.

  •  23 Nov 2010 10:47

Release Notes: This release added support for nice(1) on both clients and servers, and ionice(1) support on clients. The code now runs without warnings on newer versions of Python. There were many cleanups, bugfixes, and small improvements.


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