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  •  06 Dec 2013 22:56

Release Notes: There are many new features. The most prominent is the Plugin mechanism that allows shared and isolated plugins. This version will break the SchemeHandler API, so if you implemented your own SchemeHandler, small modifications need to be applied.

  •  20 Sep 2013 00:13

Release Notes: The SchemeHandler API was improved and ResolveFiles was added. Parallel execution of targets is no longer experimental and can be activated with the --jobs commandline option. If you need to express a dependency between two dependencies, you can use the new ~~ operator to denote a synchronization barrier. The downloader now handles failures better and tries to resume and retry interrupted downloads. It also sends a proper User Agent and shows a meaningful progress indicator for longer downloads. You might welcome the new --repeat option, which will re-run the specified targets after a given time interval.

  •  12 Jul 2013 16:08

Release Notes: This release contains a few bugfixes and nice new features, including speed improvements, parallel target execution, commandline shortcuts, and build file relative paths.

  •  11 Mar 2013 22:13

Release Notes: New features and speed improvements. Up-to-date state calculation of phony targets is now based on (virtual) lastModified timestamps, which can be overridden in a target via TargetContext. Phony targets can now be cached; SBuild will not reexecute them if the dependencies or the project file did not change. Additional files can be attached to targets. Empty phony targets will automatically attach all files of their dependencies and last but not least, the SBuild comand line has been improved. Essential information is highlighted with colors, and error message output has been enhanced.

  •  15 Jan 2013 00:35

Release Notes: This release switches to Scala 2.10. Execution is now more robust.

  •  08 Nov 2012 22:32

Release Notes: This release adds the new @inlcude annotation to include other Scala files into the build file. Thus, one can share common configuration and build logic between projects. The API for TargetContext was extended. A new --quiet option was added that will drastically speed up SBuild's initialization time for larger multi-projects. Some new parameters were added to the AntJava wrapper and the ScalaTest addon.

  •  29 Jul 2012 23:22

Release Notes: First public stable release to gather feedback.


Project Spotlight


A command-line utility that simply dumps all attributes of its environment.


Project Spotlight

Goggles Music Manager

A music collection manager and player.