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Release Notes: The library des.s7i with DES (Data Encryption Standard) cipher support has been added. Several functions and support to write values have been added to bin32.s7i. The new library unicode.s7i, with functions to convert between Unicode encodings, has been added. The library gethttps.s7i has been improved to accept links to HTTP. Several checks have been added to chkbig.sd7. The compiler has been improved to do more optimizations for bigInteger functions. A check for the keyword 'restrict' has been added to chkccomp.c. The performance of UTF-8 conversion functions has been improved by up to 6%.

Release Notes: Libraries for TLS/SSL and HTTPS support have been added. Comparison operators for < (proper subset) and > (proper superset) have been added to hashsetof.s7i. The type digestAlgorithm and functions for it have been added to msgdigest.s7i. The function hex has been added to bytedata.s7i. The example program castle.sd7 has been improved. Documentation comments have been added to several files. The padding in the message digest functions of msgdigest.s7i has been corrected. The function getHttp in gethttp.s7i has been improved to use a case-insensitive comparison for HTTP header field names.

Release Notes: Files for syntax highlighting in Ultraedit and Textpad have been added. The keyboard read function has been improved to accept all Unicode characters and usages of the mouse wheel. Checks for correct UTF-8 encoding of the program source have been added. Several bitmap and vector fonts have been improved. Several libraries and programs have been changed to use proportional Seed7 fonts. The programs gkbd.sd7 and kbd.sd7 have been improved to write the character. FAQ answers for Unicode and automatic casts have been improved. Documentation comments have been added to gzip.s7i and make.s7i.

Release Notes: The FAQ has been improved. The function getc(KEYBOARD) has been improved to support Unicode characters and more function keys. The memory management has been changed to work for the files managed by pollData. The function writeln(file, string) has been defined as the DYNAMIC (virtual) function. The function key definitions have been changed to be outside the range of Unicode characters. Tests for string assignment and append have been added to chkstr.sd7. The function kbdKeyPressed in kbd_inf.c has been improved to never wait for input. The free list management for strings has been improved.

Release Notes: The FAQ has been improved. The compiler has been improved to optimize the concatenation of three or more strings with strConcatN and to store the characters of string constants with more density. The compiler has been improved to define and use dynamic (virtual) destructors for interface types. The interpreter and compiler have been improved to use reference counting (usage_count) for all objects of the category STRUCTOBJECT. The string search functions (pos) have been improved to use a modified Boyer–Moore string search algorithm. The performance of the function replace2 has been improved.

Release Notes: The library editline.s7i has been added. It defines a file type for linewise editing with history. The manual chapter describing types, especially the type program, has been improved. The calc.sd7 example has been improved to allow linewise editing. The handling of the internal program representation in interpreter and compiler has been improved to free most unused memory. The stack trace has been improved to display infix operators better and to write parameter names. The functions copy_expression and free_expression have been optimized. The free list management has been made configurable.

Release Notes: The Seed7 interpreter has been renamed to s7. The function drwOpen in drw_win.c has been improved to hide the console window when the program was not started from a console. Descriptions of the operators "sci" and "exp" have been added to the manual. Documentation comments have been added to clib_file.s7i. In pixmap_file.s7i, the functions for pixmapFontFiles have been improved. In cmd_win.c, the functions prepareCommandLine and cmdStartProcess have been improved. In striutl.c, the functions escape_command and cp_to_command have been improved to work correctly under Windows. Parameter names have been added to various files.

Release Notes: The Seed7 compiler was renamed to s7c. The program make7.sd7 was improved to allow macros in the command line. The libraries makedata.s7i and make.s7i were improved. A variant of the function popen was added to shell.s7i. The difference between & and <& was explained in the FAQ. The program tar7.sd7 was improved to accept DOS paths for all file arguments. Documentation comments were added to several files. The graphic drivers were improved to exit a program when the close button (X) is pressed. The makefiles were improved such that 'make s7c' generates an executable of the Seed7 compiler.

Release Notes: The chapter explaining primitive actions in the manual has been improved. The compiler has been improved to optimize code for integer division, set membership, set exclusion, comparisons with the empty set, and bigInteger comparisons. FAQ answers and the file src/read_me.txt have been improved. The creation of sets like {1 .. 5} and "for" loops over sets have been improved. Functions which return the path of the hi interpreter and which call their own program have been added. Tests have been added to chkint.sd7 and chkset.sd7. The programs make7.sd7 and printpi2.sd7 have been improved. BigRational and set functions have been improved.

Release Notes: The example program "testfont.sd7" was improved to display more fonts and more characters. The library "vectorfont.s7i", which supports vector fonts, was added. The libraries "cronos16.s7i", "cronos27.s7i", and "vecfont18.s7i", which define the vector fonts cronos16, cronos27, and vecFont18, were added. A standard bitmap font with size 20 was defined in the new library "stdfont20.s7i". The pilcrow character was added to the standard bitmap fonts. Some characters in the standard bitmap fonts were improved. The function 'filInputReady' in "fil_unx.c" was improved to use poll() instead of select().


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