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Release Notes: The manual and the FAQ have been improved. The compiler has been improved to use string buffers with correct alignment. The conversion of a string to a bigInteger has been improved, when the base is a power of two. The macros memcpy_to_strelem and memset_to_strelem have been turned into functions. The unrolling in memcpy_to_strelem and memset_to_strelem has been changed from 8 times to 32 times. Calls of stri_expand functions have been turned into calls of memcpy_to_strelem. Several functions have been added to chkccomp.c. The function compilationOkay has been replaced by compileAndLinkOk.

Release Notes: The chapters in the manual about primitive actions and the foreign function interface have been improved. The names of C types and the elements of unions have been refactored to use camel case. The library bigint.s7i has been changed to define the operators radix and RADIX with actions. Testcases for the operators radix and RADIX have been added to chkbig.sd7. The compiler has been improved to do an optimization for the action INT_MDIV when the divisor is known at compile time. In traceutl.c the function mapTraceFlags has been improved to work correctly when several options are defined.

Release Notes: The documentation file doc/install.txt has been improved to describe the command 'make install'. The chapter about the foreign function interface in the manual has been improved. In striutl.h, the macros os_stri_alloc and os_stri_free have been improved to use a stack like allocation. This reduces the time used by operating system calls. The targets 'install' and 'uninstall' have been added to several makefiles. The program setwpath.c has been added. This program sets the search path (PATH variable) under Windows. The functions heapAllocOsStri and heapFreeOsStri have been added to striutl.c.

Release Notes: Consecutive calls of write in bas7.sd7 have been combined into single calls of write respectively writeln. Several links have been added to the FAQ. The types cardSuit and cardRank and the functions cardPixmap and cardBackside have been added to the library cards.s7i. The library cards.s7i has been improved to use functions from pic_util.s7i. The program carddemo.sd7 has been improved to use the new types and functions from cards.s7i.

Release Notes: Explanations regarding how Seed7 compares to Java and an elegant way to initialize data have been added to the FAQ. Several functions have been moved from shell.s7i to the new library process.s7i. The function commandPath has been added to process.s7i. As a correction of a failure of Windows, the program chk_all.sd7 has been improved to catch an exception. Several pictures have been added or improved in pic16.s7i and pic32.s7i. The function cmdPipe2 in cmd_win.c has been improved to open stdin and stdout in text mode. The function filInputReady has been improved to return TRUE after a hang up.

Release Notes: The library pic_util.s7i, with picture utility functions, has been added. The pictures cancel_pic, folder_pic, and reset_pic have been added to pic16.s7i and pic32.s7i. A function to convert a pixmap image to BMP format and the function getPixelColor have been added to draw.s7i. All usages of the function clear without parameters have been replaced with clear(black). The performance of the function strCLit in str_rtl.c has been improved by a factor of 10. The functions init_bstri_constants and init_win_constants in s7c.sd7 have been improved. Spelling errors in several files have been fixed.

Release Notes: The compiler and runtime library have been improved to work on Sparc 64-bit machines under OpenBSD. The FAQ explanation concerning portability has been improved. A new library cc_conf.s7i, which manages configuration values for the C compiler and runtime, has been added. The chapter about defines used in version.h has been improved in src/read_me.txt. Checks for the length of string literals, for trigraph sequences, for getrlimit, and for siglongjmp have been added to chkccomp.c. The table key_code has been improved so the erase char of the terminal interface is always returned as backspace.

Release Notes: Several hashCode functions have been improved to avoid an integer overflow. The description of the Seed7 installation in doc/install.txt has been improved. A new sha1.s7i library which defines a message digest with the SHA-1 secure hash algorithm has been added. Definitions of the &:= and |:= operators have been added to bin32.s7i. int64AsBytesBytesLe, int64AsEightBytesBe, and bytesBeAsInt functions have been added to bytedata.s7i. A bug in the conText function (file con_win.c) has been fixed. The mk_cygw.mak makefile has been improved to avoid problems with the console keyboard.

Release Notes: Spelling errors in chlog.txt, faq.htm, and faq.txt have been fixed. The function conText (in con_win.c) has been improved to work correctly for long strings (when WriteConsoleW would fail). Several functions have been moved from drw_win.c to the new file gkb_win.c. Incorrect usages of inIntRange have been replaced with better code in drw_win.c. In con_win.c, the table map_key has been improved such that kbdGetc recognizes the key F12. The program chk_all.sd7 has been improved to call chkhsh.sd7. The compiler has been improved to generate compare functions with the correct prototype.

Release Notes: Documentation comments have been added or improved in several files. The functions lower and upper in string.s7i and char.s7i have been improved to use the default Unicode case mapping. The performance of the deflate compression has been improved by a factor between 5 and 10. The performance of the functions str_cmp, str_range, str_substr, strCompare, strRangeSlice, strRange, strSubstrSlice, and strSubstr has been improved. Tests for several string functions have been added to chkstr.sd7. The compiler has been improved to inline code for the actions STR_HASHCODE, STR_RANGE and STR_SUBSTR.


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