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Release Notes: The functions bStriLe, bytesLe, bStriBe, and bytesBe have been added to bytedata.s7i. These functions convert an integer to a sequence of bytes. The compiler has been improved to generate inline code for the action STR_PUSH. This action appends a character to a string (it is used by the operator &:= ). Conversion functions have been added to time.s7i. Checks for several operators and functions have been added to chkbig.sd7, chkint.sd7, and chkstr.sd7. The function doLocalDeclsOfStatement has been added to the compiler. This function is used to simplify the processing of various statements.

Release Notes: The makefile has been added to support compilation under freeBSD. Functions to convert between sequences of bytes and bigInteger numbers have been added to bytedata.s7i. The functions bytesLeAsInt and bytesBeAsInt have been renamed to bytesLe2Int and bytesBe2Int. Checks have been added to chkbig.sd7 and chkset.sd7. The function bigRand in big_rtl.c has been improved to avoid conditions in which a random number is outside the required range. Parameter names have been added to several files. The compiler has been improved to use charvalue instead of intvalue when characters are initialized.

Release Notes: The sha1.s7i library was renamed to msgdigest.s7i. The message digest and secure hash functions md4, md5, sha224, and sha256 have been added to msgdigest.s7i. A new propertyfile.s7i library which defines functions for reading a property file into a hash table was added. The performance of the random number generator was improved. A bytesLeAsInt function was added to the bytedata.s7i library. In bytedata.s7i, the int64AsBytesBytesLe function was renamed to int64AsEightBytesLe. A variant of the skipWhiteSpace function was added to the scanfile.s7i library.

Release Notes: The support for K&R C has been removed. Now an ANSI C compiler is required to compile Seed7. The manual and documentation comments have been improved. The functions min and max have been added to bigint.s7i, bigrat.s7i, and rational.s7i. Rational addition and subtraction operators have been improved to reduce the result. The parse operator in bigrat.s7i has been improved to process negative rational literals correctly. A standard bitmap font, with capital height of 8, has been defined in the library stdfont8.s7i. The program ftp7.sd7 has been improved to allow linewise editing with history.

Release Notes: Functions to compare arrays have been added. The functions hashCode and compare have been defined for enum types. The operator parser has been improved to accept bigRational numbers with repeating decimals. Functions to convert a numeric string with a specified radix have been added. The operator sci has been added to complex.s7i. The memory management in the interpreter has been improved to free the memory of struct objects only when usage_count reaches zero. The compiler has been improved to call the destructor for local interface objects and to initialize all set constants.

Release Notes: The description of exceptions in the manual has been improved. The handling of program data in the interpreter and compiler has been improved to free more unused memory. The Seed7 compiler has been improved to support releasing unused programs. The function prgDestr has been improved to free (most of) the data used by a program. Several functions have been improved to call prgDestr. Several actions in the interpreter have been improved to work correctly for arrays with interface elements. The functions prgCpy and prg_cpy have been improved to free a program when the usage_count reaches zero.

Release Notes: The Seed7 compiler has been improved to support constant pixmaps and to omit array constant declarations for unused arrays. Result variables have been renamed in various libraries and example programs. The functions getPixel and imagePixmap have been added or improved. Pictures of a grating and a vampire have been added to pic16.s7i and pic32.s7i. The function getValue has been overloaded for PRIMITIVE_WINDOW values in the library progs.s7i. Documention comments have been added to the operators & and <& in the library string.s7i. A check for the window close button has been added to the function gkbKeyPressed in drw_win.c.

Release Notes: The function homeDir was added to the library osfiles.s7i. The libraries makedata.s7i and make.s7i were improved to support replacement macros. A check for division by zero with /:= was added to chkflt.sd7. The compiler (comp.sd7) was improved to use definitions of IEEE 754 float values. The program chkccomp.c was improved to manage more macros. The functions flt_div and flt_div_assign in fltlib.c were improved to work correctly when CHECK_FLOAT_DIV_BY_ZERO is defined. Several #defines were omitted from the makefiles. Explanations of several version.h #defines were added to read_me.txt.

Release Notes: The library vecfont10.s7i was added. Several programs were improved to fit into a 1024 x 768 pixel screen. The library make.s7i was improved. Functions to read a makefile were improved and moved to the new library makedata.s7i. The parsing of time values was improved to allow fractions of a second. The functions getSubNodes and getContent and a for-loop were defined in the library xmldom.s7i. The compiler was improved to initialize bstring literals correctly. The program dnafight.sd7 was improved to limit the animation speed. The drawing of the background in maximized windows was improved.

Release Notes: Experimental support for automatic memory management with reference counting has been added to the interpreter. Several libraries have been improved to use the function toInterface. The function name(PROGRAM) has been improved to return the name of the program without extension and without path. The interpreter has been improved to support the action ITF_DESTR.


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