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SQL Relay is a persistent database connection pooling, proxying, and load balancing system. It supports many database systems and programming languages. There are drop-in replacement libraries for MySQL and PostgreSQL, command line clients, a GUI configuration tool, and extensive documentation. The APIs support advanced database operations such as binding variables, multi-row fetches, client-side result set caching, suspended transactions, query routing, and query filtering. It can be used for speeding up database-driven Web-based applications, accessing databases from unsupported platforms, migrating between databases, distributing access to replicated databases, and throttling database access.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  31 Mar 2014 21:46

    Release Notes: Support for LOBs has been improved significantly. Fetch buffers are configurable with Sybase, FreeTDS, DB2, and ODBC now. Default fetch buffer sizes are the same for all databases now. SQL Relay re-logs in periodically when used with nodes of a replicated database or cluster behind a load balancer. A potential cursor leak was fixed.

    •  31 Jan 2014 19:58

      Release Notes: Support for a multi-threaded listener has been added. Major improvements have been made to the PHP PDO driver. Detection of various things in the configure script has been improved, including TCL on multi-arch systems and 64-bit Sybase and DB2. Many obscure, but significant bugs have been fixed, as well.

      •  07 Nov 2013 00:31

        Release Notes: Errors in the documentation and bugs related to building on SCO OSR 5.0.0 and some libc5 systems have been fixed. A bug that caused "make clean" to fail partway through has been fixed.

        •  31 Oct 2013 07:29

          Release Notes: Support has been added for the SQLite Statement API. A PHP PDO Driver has been added. The PHP Pear DB and Zope APIs have been removed. The init scripts have been refactored and should work on any Unix-like system now. Support for Mulitarch systems has been added.

          •  26 Sep 2013 08:54

            Release Notes: Lots of minor, under-the hood modifications were made to support the most recent release of Rudiments. The sqlrsh program now reports the correct version and also supports running multiple, semicolon-delimited queries from the command line. The sqlr-export program has an option to output CSV now. A 64-bit build option is now available for Windows.


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