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svg-math-graphics is a class that can render a math formula as a SVG vectorial chart. It takes a string with a math formula and creates a chart on which it draws a set of lines between consecutive points for the axes. The class returns the chart data in SVG format. The size of the chart and the size of the steps between each point in the chart are configurable parameters. You can draw functions in Cartesian or polar coordinates.


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  •  08 Nov 2012 02:46

Release Notes: This release adds a function to draw a polyline on coordinates based on a given array.

  •  21 Oct 2012 17:57

    Release Notes: This release adds polar coordinates, makes the user API more friendly, and adds functions to choose the color and width of brush.

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    18 Oct 2012 18:14 Avatar mikhailSh Thumbs up

    pretty cool


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