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  •  08 Jun 2013 19:48

Release Notes: This release includes new screens for monitoring synchronization progress, an improved SQL explorer for troubleshooting, and support for the MariaDB database.

  •  12 Feb 2013 13:33

Release Notes: This release includes new features for piloting configuration changes, improved conflict management, and user interface enhancements. You can now select a group of nodes to roll out changes to synchronization, queue reloads of tables from remote notes, easily identify how a conflict was detected, and quickly see configuration mistakes in the UI.

  •  20 Dec 2012 05:12

Release Notes: This release includes data synchronization with SQLite databases, integration with external systems over S/FTP, synthetic keys, LDAP single sign-on, more geometric data type support, audit tables, snapshot tool support, and enhanced screens in the management console. With the addition of SQLite database, SymmetricDS now interoperates with 13 database platforms. A new snapshot tool makes it easy to send configuration and logs to the support team for analysis. Screens are now easier to navigate through for viewing information and making configuration changes.


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