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taccGL is a JavaScript canvas library for animating HTML elements and 3D objects as integrated scenes with depth buffering and shadows. It uses the GPU-accelerated HTML5 canvas (WebGL). Features include accelerated motion in 2D and 3D space, rotating, mapping of HTML elements on 3D objects, custom shaders, etc. The library loads 3D models from OBJ files. In WebGL mode, animations mostly run inside the GPU. Otherwise, there is a restricted fallback to the 2D canvas.

Operating Systems

RSS Recent releases

  •  14 Nov 2013 23:55

    Release Notes: This release supports WebGL in IE11, in addition to Firefox and Chrome. It also fixes bugs occurring when used with Chrome 31.

    •  30 Oct 2013 02:10

      Release Notes: This release supports shadows (including shadows cast from 3D Objects on HTML elements and vice versa), improves the examples and tutorial, and adds various bugfixes.

      •  27 Aug 2013 20:22

        Release Notes: New features include updating of animation steps and processing of mouse events while an animation is running. Also, memory handing of vertex buffers was improved, and various bugs were fixed.

        •  30 Jul 2013 20:49

          Release Notes: New features include rendering and animation of 3D models read from OBJ files, alignment with HTML elements, mapping of HTML elements on faces of the 3D models, and some new lighting methods.

          •  22 May 2013 01:44

          Release Notes: The installation file now contains a compressed version (120KB). New animation features are custom, user extendable shaders, shader generation, improved lighting, and automatic handling of scroll and resizing events.


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