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  •  18 Mar 2014 01:14

Release Notes: This implementation enables collection of new commands (coroutine, tailcall, yield, and yieldto) that provide profound new capabilities and models of concurrency to Tcl scripts. Highlights of Tk, built-in PNG image support: photo images now support read/write in the PNG format, with the ability to set the alpha channel.

Release Notes: This release adds new commands [lmap] and [dict map], adds new [load] options -global and -lazy, fixes crashes related to attempts to write to a variable in  a namespace which does not exist, fixes paths returned from [tk_getOpenFile -multiple] on Windows, corrects decoding of base64 with trailing whitespace, updates the included packages to current versions, and removes legacy Carbon sources.

  •  20 Nov 2012 22:21

Release Notes: --enable-aqua build for Mac OS X is now a Cocoa implementation. Support has been added for Cygwin network pathnames. Updated to Unicode 6.2 support. Fixes for several crashes and bugs.

  •  09 Nov 2011 16:01

Release Notes: This release adds the new option [tk_getSaveFile -confirmoverwrite], fixes a rash regression in Ttk unset traces, revises the expr parser to permit function names like "nano()" instead of parsing as "nan o()" with a missing operator, fixes a crash regression in Tcl_ConvertElement(), adds new version 2.7.7 of the http package, improves performance when converting to "pixels", restores resizing of file dialogs on Windows, stops memory leaks in [info script], Tcl_Get*(), and Tcl_Obj cycles, stops a segfault when calling hypot(.) with MSVC, stops a panic in [interp limit], and fixes bad mode values returned by [file stat].

  •  01 Sep 2011 14:29

Release Notes: The menus on X11 were modernized. The [ttk::spinbox] widget was added. [tk_getOpenFile] on Windows now supports unlimited multiple-file selection. The [send] security rules were updated to current Ubuntu/Fedora conventions. [ttk::sizegrip] was revised to accommodate Compiz. Changes were made to support building with MSVC++ 2010. Safe Base and Safe Tk rewrites were done. Several bugs were fixed.

  •  19 Nov 2009 13:20

Release Notes: Vista Ttk theme support was added. [tk_chooseDirectory] has a newer style on Windows. Tk 8.5.8 can now [load] into a Tcl 8.6 or later interpreter. [wm iconphoto] now works on non-32-bit displays and big endian systems. Nested event loop problems with TkAqua Cocoa and CoreFoundation were fixed. A crash when [exec] redirects to a [chan create]d channel was fixed. Image data transfer through [selection get] was enabled. Many segfaults and panics due to integer overflow on long values were repaired. Support was added for portability to gcc 2.95 on Haiku OS. Several Tk appearance corrections were made.


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