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Release Notes: The software can now be implemented in Active Directory structures. Users can generate and administer new user accounts and groups directly from within the groupware. The Open Source groupware can now work as server for ownCloud clients. This version supports the CardDAV eM client. In addition, new tasks can be generated and administered via CalDAV. Attachments can be added to all kinds of data inside the groupware.

Release Notes: Calendar usability has been improved. Events can be copied in an easier way than before. Exceptions and attendee are easier to choose. The history is more transparent now. It also shows when attendee has declined or accepted the event. The integrated module HumanResources now allows you to define vacation and sickness days. The ActiveSync implementation needs less memory and CPU; phones do not need to work so hard. A new Inventory application has been added as a separate module.

Release Notes: This is the third service release of the current stable version, Joey (2012.10). 46 bugs have been fixed, and new features are included. It is now possible to configure the session and cache backends in the setup GUI and to prevent users from setting their username (or parts of it) as their password.

Release Notes: This is a major release with many new features and improvements: The calendar application received lots of minor usability and functional enhancements. A new additional application for personnel management addresses especially small companies. The extended ActiveSync Interface of Tine 2.0 generates higher security in mobile use and offers the opportunity to set up security policies. In addition to MySQL, Tine 2.0 also operates on PostgreSQL. The options for data access have been expanded, too, as Tine 2.0 now supports Outlook 2013.

Release Notes: The first service release of Tine 2.0 version Milan fixes about 65 bugs that have been discovered since the release of Milan in March. It is recommended to update the installation as soon as possible. A small number of features has been introduced. It is now possible to export all customfield values of records in the default CSV export. Furthermore, customfields have been added to Timeaccounts in the Timetracker module.

Release Notes: A major release with many new features and improvements: the new Filemanager application, contact import, multiple edit and merge functionality, and CaldDAV and CardDAV support. Synchronization with mobile devices has been improved and is more stable. The filter toolbar in all applications can be used more efficiently with new OR filters and filtering in related records.

Release Notes: This is the next major stable release of Tine 2.0. Printing lists across all modules as well as calendar week and month views. Support for automatic email filtering and vacation email via sieve. Improved Dovecot and LDAP integration. Overall increased performance.

Release Notes: All major bugs found in the last beta release have been fixed. For example, the sieve filter dialogue is now fully functional. Synchronization of birthdays is now working on WebOS devices correctly. Multiple minor problems have been fixed in the email client.

Release Notes: This release focused on the new, tabbed user interface, which makes navigation between multiple applications easier. Users of ActiveSync-enabled mobile phones can now synchronize emails too. Support for Android-based phones like the Motorola Milestone and HTC models was added. The email clients received a major speed improvement. Tine 2.0 now updates the email list in the background. Larger organisations will benefit from the improved LDAP support.

Release Notes: This release has the final version of the new look, with a tabbed interface and larger toolbar icons. All applications use a new search interface, which allows users to store individual search queries. The ActiveSync interface now supports Android-based phones from Motorola and HTC. The CRM application supports exporting of data in Excel file format. LDAP-based installations will benefit from the reworked LDAP backend classes. In the calendar you can now select multiple calendars again. Overall speed was improved.


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