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Release Notes: This is the second service release of the current stable version, Joey (2012.10). 33 bugs have been fixed, and a new feature was included: It is now possible to configure the maximum number of login failures before an account is blocked.

Release Notes: This service release fixes another major issue that had been introduced with Build 7 of the Maischa release.

Release Notes: A major issue in the Felamimail module that has been introduced in Build 7 is fixed in this build.

Release Notes: A problem where the email client was showing too many messages was fixed along with compatibility problems with some Sieve servers. The calendar app no longer misses events from the next month in month view. OpenStreetMap integration is working again after changes to the URL scheme of the Nominatim service.

Release Notes: The first revision of the Summer Release 2008 Milestone 1 package contained two major bugs, which rendered some parts of Tine 2.0 useless. These two bugs were fixed. Searching contacts in the addressbook and the CRM module is working now.

Release Notes: A major bug that prevented personal folders from being created on demand was fixed.


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