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  •  18 Sep 2013 21:09

Release Notes: This version fixes a bug whereby an association-class participant could be null.

  •  30 Nov 2012 21:51

Release Notes: This release fixes the Hibernate mapping generator format, uses ObjectModelJavaModifier instead of ObjectModelModifier, and fixes topia-service-security tests.

Release Notes: This release adds a method to compute the association table name for two different entity contracts, adds a GET_TOPIA_ID function to the TopiaId class, adds a deleteAll method to TopiaDAO, introduces a TopiaPersistenceHelper, adds some API for import / export in CSV format, adds new methods to TopiaDAO to do a search without using TopiaQuery, adds a metadata package in persistence, and adds a method name() in TopiaEntityEnum. It also deprecates TopiaQuery and improves the TopiaDAO documentation.


Project Spotlight


A photo editing and collection management application.


Project Spotlight


A basic image difference viewer.