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Tower Toppler (aka Nebulous) is the reimplementation an old 'jump and run' game. In this game you have to climb to the top of a tower avoiding all kinds of creatures that want to push you down.

Operating Systems

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  •  23 Dec 2012 01:23

Release Notes: This release fixes memory leaks, adds a proper program ending instead of an uncaught exception, fixes all warnings when compiling (except for fread and fwrite), makes the software compilable on modern systems, adds included missions to the datafile instead of separate files, and fixes joystick support.

  •  19 Jul 2007 10:37

Release Notes: A new mission: David1. New translations: Czech, Romanian, and Basque. The background music is included with the distribution.

  •  13 Feb 2006 05:18

Release Notes: Background music was written. Portugese and Swedish translasions were added. A small bug that made the toppler get stuck under very special conditions was removed.

  •  18 Dec 2004 06:58

Release Notes: This release really includes a pasis mission this time, adds a Finish translation, and updates the French translation.

  •  13 Dec 2004 21:07

Release Notes: This release removed the possibility for the toppler to get stuck when the elevator fell down and made it possible to not use internationalization under BeOS. The saving of bonus level option was fixed. Untested joystick support was added. The build system was updated and the sound files were moved into the data file. A two tower mission was added. Sticks in front of doors is now possible, meaning that elevators can now pass doors.

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20 May 2003 16:55 gleather

This is pretty cool.


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