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toycars is a fighting race car game. Players select human or computer toys, select the track and toy to race, push toys off the screen or smash them to win a point, and try to earn enough points to win the race. toycars supports up to four human players and eight total players.

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Video Preview 25 Dec 2012

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  •  21 May 2013 00:29

Release Notes: This release fixes the font handling on different monitors (4:3, 16:9), making the menu aspect-independent, providing a more pleasant experience.

Release Notes: This version improves general art such as menu and in-game font size, adds an improved default toy, and makes the overall experience more funny. It technically improves the spec file and cleans up some code.

Release Notes: This version fixes a png warning resulting in problems with 64 bits computers, and stabilizes and cleans the code base.

  •  16 Aug 2012 20:58

Release Notes: This versions cleans up some code and polishes maintainer files.

  •  18 Jul 2012 21:36

Release Notes: This version polishes all the problems, solving UTF-8 rendering, removing some command line noise, etc. Screenshots, a tarball, and Fedora RPMs are available.


Project Spotlight


A utility for monitoring Unix system services.


Project Spotlight

Performance Co-Pilot

performance monitoring toolkit and API